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Practical, Sensuous and Ambitious are the keywords that describe people under the zodiac sign-Taurus.

Are you born between Apr 20 and May 20? You are a Brave Taurus!

In love with a Taurus Boy or Girl? Their Patience & soft heart make them good lovers!

Represented by the bull, Taurus is second sign in zodiac chart, who reflects immense strength and power. But don’t get fear by raging bull; a Taurians can be tender and soft in their nature.
Known for their keen eye on materialistic comforts and beauty, they tend to be inclined towards show off rather than being simple and sober. Generous in behavior and reliable in friendships, Taurians can be a good at finance. Can prove successful Financial Mangers, Investment bankers and those who are good at money making! Know yourself through astrology principles.

Firm Determination to Overcome Challenges

Like a bull, they can be soft and mind their own business till the time, they are not irritated. Though easy going most of the times, nice challenged can be anything because of their determined and focused attitude towards obstacles. Rather impossible to distract them once they start their journey to achieve goals.

Stable & Composed Mind, reluctant to take risks

As per Indian astrology These people give high importance to stability and simplicity in their approach. Though functional, their life sometimes seems boring and unexciting as they are reluctant to take adventures on board to make their life full of thrill and excitement. That doesn’t mean they don’t make efforts to live a luxurious life. They are really fond of materialistic comforts and relaxation.

Taurus in friendship

Their unique characteristic traits like any other zodiac sign make them a unique human being. A Totally introvert human that loves to be surrounded by just few friends but ones who respect him, help him and save them from dangers. As a friend, Taurians are good at judging things, decision making and providing valuable suggestion. He can be your sole savoir in time of need and care. Sign in for free to check your Personalized Horoscope with Your Date of Birth.

Taurus in relationship-Immense patience make them sweet and lovely partner

Steadfast and with lot of patience, they can become good companion in love relationships. If you happen to fall in love with a Taurians, be sure you are with a person, who is strong from deep within. In fights and in disputes, they won’t get aggressive, so if in love, their beloved get angry, Taurians know how to calm them.

Taurus & Career

Respect for authority and observation to details, Taurians is goods at work ethics and remains in demand in job front. They can be Politicians, Chef, and Executive Officer in MNC, Banker, Musician and anyone who has great culinary talents. Know ups and downs in your Career in next 1-5 years through personalized Astrology Career report

Good listener & prove Trustworthy and Sweet partner

Their never say die attitude let them take you onboard on love ship, from years and years. Whatever it takes, they will keep going and going to make you please. Careful and decisive in approach, they can prove as good listener. They will listen to your thoughts and ideas very patiently even if you raise your voice and get aggressive. They do not get into unnecessary quarrel & don’t invite others to get into unnecessary arguments.