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Birth of a child brings many hopes and dreams in family. Parents starts aspiring their new born to be Doctor, Engineer, astronaut, singer or IT professional. The day, a child is born, guardian start making preparation to raise them in best possible manner. Child astrology is an excellent medium to know child's physical and mental personality, portray basic tendencies, a clue of their potential fields of development and judge their interest. Family is incomplete without a child, so it becomes our duty to keep our little ones safe from challenges ahead in life.

Child’s Birth chart or Horoscope Chart is an image of a child. Various astrological and numerical calculations done by astrologers help analyze various parameters that can make or break their future. Placement of various planets in birth chart is good enough t depict what will happen in their future-how will be their education, their profession and personal relationship. Isn’t it exciting to know your child future in advance when you got to know their personality traits, behavioral traits, the way they will interact with others in society and much more!

Some parents are so curious about their kid’s future that they start making preparations in advance. But there is no valid reason –Why we futurize? There are numerous things that keep guardians worried. Have you ever felt pressurized to ensure child success in his/her academics? No matter what competency, child posses, there is still pressure on guardian shoulder to excel in school. It is essential to realize not just competency and skills are factors in define our success. Planetary influence does play a major role in various aspects of our life.

The Birth Star (Nakshatra) or Your Child’s Birth Star Name is basically symbol of identity of your little ones. Name ceremony is an auspicious ceremony for parents and what if your name your child as per birth Nakshatra. Vedic astrologers can suggest your child’s name after analysis his/her birth chart so as to indicate nature, purpose and life in general. This name through which society will recognize them in peer group, social group and in office! Analysis of birth Chart will depict child’s destiny and Rashi name will be symbolic of his/her personality traits and defines future prospects.

Raising child is a tedious task, no matter to which zodiac sign, he/she belongs to. As infant grows, we remain curious to know about his education and health. Astrology can help solve the problem by providing personalized prediction based upon analysis of birth chart. Child astrology

is an important toll to analyze child’s future that revolves around various aspects of his life like education, heath in years to go and career. Expert astrologers are competent enough to judge the probable challenges and obstacles in way to let them grow healthy. Different kids behave in a different manner, so it becomes essential for parents to treat them and pamper them accordingly. Child behavior and his response to events will help judge what steps to take to shape his future. To know more about Astrology prediction visit our website