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Karma is Natural Law

The plane we exist in is the realm of duality. As mentioned earlier, duality is defined by division of time and by the dynamics of cause and effect. In truth-time is eternal, an endless continuum of the ever present - without past or future. This concept is hard to grasp due our lack of ever having experienced it. Being born in this realm of duality,we have no experience of the non-dual Absolute. Besides, our sensory perception, – our singular means to experience matter and the external world of phenomenon, perpetuates the dynamics of duality. Thus, the illusion that time is split-up becomes a reality in the realm of duality alone. Furthermore, this illusion of reality is sustained by the dynamics of cause and effect. Although time is eternal and an uninterrupted current of energy flow, in order for the 'effect' of a certain 'cause' to become manifest, mundane time must exist as split-up in the form of past and future. Effect is the seed, the unborn result nestled within the matrix of cause awaiting the moment it can become manifest in the future. The 'Law of Karma' is another expression for the 'Principle of Cause and Effect'. This Law can also be called as the 'Law of Action and Reaction'. This Law became one of the cornerstones of Physics and became a law known as Newton's Law because of being formulated by him.

Action, motion, movement etc. are intrinsic qualities of energy, as opposed to the static nature of matter, which is inert or dead. The living being is a spiritual spark possessing the innate nature of transcendental, supra-mundane energy. Hence the living entity is incessantly engaged in performing activities, either mental or physical. When the actions are carried out in the realm of duality and under the influence of mundane time they come under the scope of cause and effect. Thus every action one performs will generate a reaction in the future. However, since both action and reaction take place in the mundane realm of duality, they are temporary. They impact only the temporal mind and body, not the soul or its transcendental energy, - pure consciousness. Duality or mundane time cannot impact the soul, because the soul, a spiritual substance with transcendental energy, is superior to mundane, transitory energy.