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BJP though being the single largest party and NDA being the single largest front was kept out of the government.

I cannot say today whether it will be the exact repeat of 1996 drama, which means NDA may stake their claim by being the single largest combination and will be invited by the President to form the government and will have to prove their majority in the floor of the house but in spite of their best efforts may fail to reach the magic figure of 271 and consequently resign.

This time they may not take the risk and may decide to wait and see.

In that event, all the third/fourth/fifth front members may come together and stake their claim and Congress will be forced to support once again like last time to keep NDA out of power. In that scenario, earliest such a government will be formed only after 31st July 2009. However longevity of such a government will not be more than October 2009.

Venus /Ketu will come to an end only by November 2009. Till that time we all have to suffer the effect of Kaal Sarpa Yoga as a country as whole.