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Snehana literally means oleation therapy which can be internal or external. It is an important step in the poorva karma as this process helps to liquify the imbalanced or aggravated doshas, loosens deep rooted toxins within the system and flushes them out through skin pores. For Snehana ghee or flax seed oil are ingested, gradually increasing the quantity over a period of 3-7 days depending upon individuals Prakruti or the body type. Also in Bahya Snehana (External oleation) Medicated oils are applied to the skin using different Ayurvedic massage techniques.

In Swedana therapy application of heat through various ways like use of hot poultice, steam baths, hot showers, sauna healing stones, covering body with thick woolen clothes is performed. Swedana allows the endotoxins to get excreted through skin pores also Swedana therapy relieves stiffness, soreness, heaviness, coldness in the body. Swedana therapy should not be administered to very old people, alcoholics, pregnant womens during menstruation, malnourished persons, cataract and glaucoma sufferers.

Snehana, Swedana and Pachana all the poorva karmas hence form the base for the Panchakarma to be carried out safely and to remove all the toxins, because all the poorva karmas helps to loosen the toxins and bring them to proper channels, so that during Panchakarma it can be excreted smoothly.

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