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Part I - Pradhan Karma


It is also known as induced vomiting. After completion of required Snehana and Swedana depending upon the persons Prakruti, the person is advised to drink milk, licorice tea, buttermilk after which the emetic Fruit, Randia dumetorum seed (Mandanphala as in Ayurveda) with calamus (vacha) and licorice (yashtimadhu) is administered to induce vomiting. Vamana purges excess kapha (mucus) and pitta from the stomach and all over the body, and purifies the body fluids.

Vamana is useful for people suffering from asthma, cough, bronchitis, repeated colds, dyspnoea obesity disease and all other kapha predominant.

Young children, elderly, debilitated very weak patients, having stomach ulcers, trauma to lungs, heart diseases, abdominal tumors, intestinal obstructions such people should not be given Vamana.

2.Virechana (Induced purgation)

After systematic administration of Snehana and Swedana herbal purgative such as castor oil, triphala, katuki are administered to eliminate faeces urine from the body. Both Vaman and Virechana are to be carried out early in the morning. Stools passed by the patients are observed for their quantity color, consistency of waste, also blood pressure, pulse and respiration charts are maintained.

Virechana is a major treatment for pitta predominant ailment and can be used in the treatment of various skin disorders, fistula, ascites, anaemia, migraine, headaches of any origin asthma, disorder. Elimination of vitiated pitta is carried out by Virechana. Though very useful treatment should not of ano-rectal bleeding, indigestion, anorexia, fever, alcoholism, extreme weak persons, pregnant woman, too old and too young people.