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Part II - Pradhan Karma

Nasya literally means administration of medicines in the form of Liquid, Powder in the nostrils is called nasya. According to Ayurveda principles it’s been said “Nasa hi shirasho Dwaram” that means the nose is the doorway to the mind and senses where prana or vital energy is absorbed in the process of breathing. As said earlier before administering medicines through nose massaging of the forehead, neck with herbal oils and then fomentation is performed as a poorvakarma for nasya. Oil massage and fomentations helps to loosen toxins in the head. For administration of nasya person is laid down in the bed with head low position and depending upon the requirement medicina herbs, Smoke or Liquids are administered. After the nasya procedure secretions are removed and once again massage and mild fomentation is applied. To clear throat of any residual mucus gargling with warm water and turmeric or salt is done, also Inhalation of medicated smoke is administered.

Depending upon the action carried out nasya are of 3 types

1) Purification (Shodhana)
2) Palliation (Shamana)
3) Tonifying (Brimhana).

Purification or the Shodhana nasya helps to eliminate doshas from the body. Palliation or shaman nasya helps to pacify the doshas in the body itself and Tonifying or brimhana nasya helps strengthen the dosha.