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Exalted Rahu is located in the Ascendant Taurus of India’s chart. Exalted Ketu is located in 7th house Scorpio. All the planets in the chart are within the Rahu/ Ketu axis formed between Rahu and Ketu between 1st house and 7th house. This is a full blown “Kaal Sarpa” yoga in the chart. All the planets are positioned on the eastern half of the chart. The western half of the chart between 8th house to 12th house is empty. The planets positioned in the eastern half are primarily solar in nature in their functions and the planets in western half are lunar in nature in their function. The solar qualities are power, self reliance, self assertiveness etc. The Lunar qualities are gentleness, humane, compassion, civil liberties, less exploitation in society, social infrastructure, benefits and support.

India’s Chart:


So, in one word the imbalance in India’s personality and soul is excess of solar qualities over lunar qualities. This is the reason for the tradition exploitation in society and division in society on the basis of cast, religion and money. We have India shining in one hand in the malls and freeways and the other India in slums and villages.

It is this imbalance that leads to highs and lows in our collective life and in our polity from time to time in the form of communal riots, natural disaster and also lack of clear mandate for governance.