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The Aries Man: Take an extravagant dose of adventure and blend it well with some lively energy, add a dash of magnetism and stir it well with some passion and romance, sprinkle some prolific amount of born-leader qualities! That’s Aries Man for you, served real hot! Enigmatic and energetic, the Aries man is a true epitome of an Alpha Man, the one who leads the pack. A whirlwind of undying lively energy and charisma abounds within an Aries Man. It’s no wonder why an Aries Man is so popular amongst his friends, relatives, colleagues, and kins. But this Ram is a little stubborn and impulsive. The Aries man’s vitality and aggression can wear down even the most stalwart of the lot. Though they are nice and easy going, they may get a little argumentative at times. Don’t get upset for this is an usual norm with the Aries Man.

Popular Aries Men Born On
Adolf Hitler 20-Apr-1889
B. R. Ambedkar 14-Apr-1891
Bismillah Khan 14-Mar-1913
Charlie Chaplin 16-Apr-1889
Francis Ford Coppola 7-Apr-1939
Jackie Chan 7-Apr-1954
Kofi Annan 8-Apr-1938
Leonardo da Vinci 15- Apr- 1452

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