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Mercury is increased by emerald or green color. Hence, it is good to spend time in a lush natural environment. Sitting under a green light can be helpful. Reds and oranges should be avoided, as well as very dark colors. Mercury likes neutral shades and not too strong colors, earth tones like mild greens, blues, grays, and browns.

Good herbs for Mercury are nerviness like gotu kola, bhringaraj (eclipta), skullcap, passionflower, betony, jatamansi, zisyphus, camomile, mint, and sage, Basil, particularly holy basil (tulsi) is specific for Mercury (Vishnu).

Good oils and aromas are mint, wintergreen, eucalyptus, cedar, thyme, and sage, which clear and open the mind. Yet maybe they ought to be balanced with mind-calming oils like sandalwood, plumeria (frangipani), and lotus.

The name mantra of Mercury is OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA. The seed mantra for Mercury is OM BUM (with the “u” pronounced as it “put”). Very important also is the seed mantra AIM (aym), the mantra of the guru (the spiritual teacher) and of Saraswati the Goddess of Wisdom. Such mantras should be repeated on Wednesday.

Mercury relates to Vishnu, the Deity who pervades the entire universe and maintains it, as the shows the indwelling cosmic intelligence.

Mercury relates to the Divine teacher, the God of wisdom, as Hermes or Thoth. In this regard, he is also the Buddha, the enlightened one, the avatar of knowledge, mediation and compassion. He is the Divine child, the baby Christ, or baby Krishna.

Mercury energy is increased by the Yoga of knowledge, particularly by spiritual teachings, which emphasize reason, discrimination, clear expression, and objective perception. It often gives us the role of a teacher of these things. The practice of mantra is helpful, as is the study of spiritual philosophies like Vedanta, or the learning of Sanskrit.

Life Style:
The individual should do more reading, studying, writing, and thinking. Mathematical and philosophical studies are good, including taking courses, seminars, or going to school. The individual should cultivate a greater awareness of the world generally, and strive to increase powers of communication, perhaps study a new language. Yet time for silence of mind and relaxation in nature should always be preserved.

It should always be remembered that the highest quality of the intellect is not in its ability to organize our cognition of the outer world but that of the inner world. This involves not accepting the view of the senses as the real world, but looking for the light of truth in the indwelling consciousness.

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