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Prediction for Entire Family

You would be glad to know that your ‘My Page’ becomes your ‘My Family Page’ as soon as you login to our website. It has been a long standing request from our members that they would like to see and monitor the astrological signatures for not only for themselves but even for their family members and their loved one’s on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis. They had also mentioned that when they feel like doing so, they would like to do it without going through the hassle of making each one of them a new member, create new e-mail identities or remember different passwords.

So now, all you have to do is to include the name and birth details of the person, whose astrological signatures you wish to monitor on a regular basis. You just have to do this only once and register the details on your family page. You do not have to create any new e-mail identity or new passwords. is now giving you an opportunity to include 5 additional members of your choice to be registered under the new Family Page. We also give you the option to add/delete the names you have registered any time as long as you remain a member on our website. You can now access for your near ones, the benefits and services that you enjoy through your user id.

This comes totally free to you as part of your privileges of being registered as Free/Premium member of and there are no hidden costs for up gradation. We could not offer this feature earlier to you because it involved major technical changes on our existing member data base. After working for almost a month on the technical front, we have been able to fulfill this need of yours. We hope you will enjoy and like this New Feature that we have added and we anticipate that it will be convenient for you in future.

So, our registered members can Log-in today and add the members in their 'My Page'. If you are not yet a member of our website then please Register yourself. Once you register yourself, you will be directed to your 'My Page' where you can add your family members.

“Happy Family viewing”