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To achieve this end, Vishnu took the form of an enchantress who took the responsibility of distributing the nectar to the gods and demons. She made them sit in two different lines and started distributing the nectar to the line of gods. The plan was to finish the nectar before the turn of the demons came. The demons captivated by the beauty of the celestial maiden were not able to notice the trick except Swarnabhanu who were granted the status of a planet by Lord Brahma realized the trick of the game plan of Lord Vishnu and Gods, so he infiltrated into the ranks of the Gods and managed to drink the nectar. Two of the gods, Sun and Moon discovered his presence and asked Vishnu to destroy him. Vishnu severed Swarnabhanu’s head with his Sudarshan Chakra but this did not kill him as he had already partaken the nectar. The severed head was joined with a serpent’s tail and conferred by Brahma the status of a planet known as Rahu, while the remaining body was attached to the head of a serpent and given planetary status by Brahma with the name Ketu.

It looks like cosmic diplomacy and compromise by the trinity because the plan of the Gods was to deprive the demons from becoming immortal was against the pact made with demons and there help was also necessary to extract the Amrita. The deity to worship and appease Rahu is Goddess Durga. The deity to worship and appease Ketu is Rudra, the terrible form of Shiva as the God of death and Transformation. The deity worship and appease Saturn is Shiva or his consort Maa Kali which is again another form of Goddess Durga.