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Dasha Event Date Event
Saturn- Rahu 17th December 1960 India Occupies Goa
Saturn- Rahu 19th December 1960 Goa officially ceded to India after 400 years of Portuguese Rule
Saturn-Rahu 20th October 1960 Chinese Troops invade India
Mercury-Rahu 19th April 1975 The first Indian satellite Aryabhatta, goes into Earth's Orbit
Mercury-Rahu 26th June 1975 A state of emergency is declared by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during which the press is censored and 100,000 are jailed.
Ketu- Venus 26th June 1983 India wins Cricket World Cup
Ketu-Moon 31st October 1984 Assassination of Indira Gandhi
Venus- Rahu 1st June 1996 H.D. Deve Gowda became the Prime minister
Venus-Rahu 11th and 13th May 1998 Pokhran II Nuclear Explosion
Venus- Ketu 26th November 2008 Terrorist Attack in Mumbai

We are now experiencing Venus/Ketu period till November 2009.

We have already experienced the 26/11, effects of unprecedented economic recession and stock market crash. The Kaal Sarpa yoga is in full trigger.

The election process will be completed on 31st May. Election results should be declared within the first week of June. It is off course clear to everybody that no single party will have clear majority neither Congress or BJP.