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Following are some major sections of CyberAstro:

Astrology Reports
Our astrology report section is specifically made to provide our members with deeper analysis and solutions to their day to day problems and queries related to different aspects of life. These reports are made after personal analysis of your birth chart by an expert astrologer of our panel. Telephonic counseling, life prediction, yearly forecast, personal oracle, compatibility analysis, luck and future forecast and remedy recommendation, Explore all inside.

Our Gem store contains a complete range of gemstones that do not have any fixed cost, wherein you can decide the price of a gem as per the quality and quantity required. You can online feed your ring size and we can deliver the gem/ring at your door step, no matter in which corner of the world you stay. These Gems are recommended after a thorough analysis of your natal chart and the problem affecting your life. Visit our gemstore!

Yantra is another form of astrological remedies and CyberAstro is the only website that does not sells any Yantra without energizing it on an auspicious day to enhance its effectiveness. Yantra is the visible means to gain power and wealth, ward off evil and illnesses, nullify the ill effects of planets, bring luck in love & life, enhance your capabilities and bless you with almost any material comfort or spiritual benefit you desire. Check out our Yantra collection!

Personalized Yagnas
A personalized Yagna is just like a specific medicine prescribed by a physician for a particular illness. Likewise, these yagna are recommended to you after deep analysis of your problem and birth chart. Our highly qualified and learned team of priest conducts the yagna for you. When all other doors are closed, this is the only door that can drive away any problem, the door to invoke divine intervention. Look one for you!

Vedic Ceremonies
As price range of personal yagna is high, so it may not be possible for all to afford it but every human has a right to gain blessings of that supreme lord, thus community yagna is the medium. Cyberastro as a facilitator organizes these Vedic ceremonies every year and bring traditional ceremonies within the reach of our members distributed over 192 countries across the globe. Some of our exclusive community ceremonies are Hanuman Jayanti Ceremony, Kanakdhara Yagna, Janamashtmi Pooja, Deepawali Pooja, Rudram Chamkam Yagna and many more. Check out the next upcoming ceremony!

Only if, you are a true believer of astrology and a regular visitor of is something of your benefit... Get your reward!