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Nadi astrology from Southern India gives definite milestone predictions on career progress based on Transit of Saturn with respect to position of Sun in our natal chart. It identifies 2 basic cycles of Saturn in our life covering up to 60 years of age, where each cycle consists of 30 years corresponding to a full cycle of transit of Saturn through 12 zodiac signs. The first cycle consists from birth to 30 years of age during which period, one finishes primary education, high school education and university education which qualifies the person in his/her chosen profession and then he finally settles in his/her chosen career. The second cycle signifies the active professional career of the person which is between 30 years to 60 years of age.

In both these cycles Nadi astrology identifies 4 major mile stones in ones career. The first milestone is the start of one’s career. In the first cycle, it could be start of school education, or in the second cycle, it could be the start of a new job after a career change, which corresponds to Saturn’s transit through your 4th house from Sun in your natal chart. The second milestone is either temporary break or permanent break in your career. This could be end of college education followed by your first job in the first cycle. In the second cycle it could be a setback and loss of job , or it could be permanent loss of job and you take your final recruitment which corresponds to Saturn’s transit through 7th house from Sun in your natal chart.

The third mile stone signifies your reaching the peak of success in your career. In the first cycle it could mean admission to your desired course in the university or professional institute during the first cycle. In the second cycle it could mean your reaching the topmost position in your career. The fourth milestone signifies reaching a climax in your career point after which a new phase in your life starts. It could be completion of your education and you are ready to enter the next phase in your life of your first job during the first cycle. In the second cycle it could mean a complete change in your career and you enter a new phase like starting your own business. It could also mean when you finally decide to hang your boots for retirement . Between each milestone there is a gap of 7and half years in each cycle corresponding to transit of Saturn through 3 houses in your chart.

The intermediate transits through each house signifies the preparation from one stage to the next stage. In today’s program you can check at which stage of your career you will be in 2010. No matter whether you are still passing through your first cycle that is you are yet to complete your 30th year in life or you are already in your active career cycle. You can also guess which was the last mile stone in your career and when you will reach the next mile-stone. Is 2010 going to be one of the 4 Nadi milestones in your career or it is a preparation stage to reach the next Nadi mile-stone of your career.