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Astrological Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

In Astrology, Manik or Ruby known as King of gemstones due to its association with Sun! It generates liveliness in one’s life, imparts good health and vanish malefic effect of Sun due to its wrong positioning in birth chart. It is known to affect the subtle energy of an individual. Though your actions are governed by planetary positions and your own karma, wearing ruby will enhances our authority, courage and dignity. It is recommended if your natal chart has Pitar Dosh and you face financial and professional instability. For details about ruby gemstone information, please scroll down and know how it benefits you. Creative people seeking fame and Govt Officials are suggested to wear Ruby Gemstones.

Facts about Rubies:

Ruby, a red colour stone is generally recommended by astrologers to make you powerful enough to fight back negative vibes hampering your personality and your life. It represents Sun and if Sun in your horoscope chart is exalted, you will enjoy royalty and supreme power. If by any chance, it is weak, need is to suppress bad effects posed by wrong placement of Sun in your chart. Explore why you should wear Ruby.

It’s Significance & Benefits:

When Ruby is chosen to worn either in ring or pendant, the vibrating power of this gemstone gets easily absorbed in an individual personality. A wearer will get confidence and full of immense energy. Only expert knows the consequences of wearing a wrong gemstone, so it is recommended to consult our astrologers to reap Ruby gemstone benefits. Sine weak or wrong positioned Sun creates multiple health problems related to blood pressure, bones, heart problems, therefore it is recommended to wear ruby to fight back and cure those health concerns.

How to wear this Gemstone:

If an astrologer suggests you to wear ruby, go for this gemstone embedded in a gold ring, if your ascendant is Aries, Sagittarius, Leo or Scorpio. For rest of the ascendant, a wearer can go for a silver ring. Moreover, in order to reap best benefits on your life, wear it on Sunday (Shukla Pakshha) after thoroughly energized this gemstone with prescribed materials, or either dipped in raw milk or Gangajal. For more Ruby gemstone facts, you can consult our expert panel of astrologers and they will guide you in best possible manner. If you find it difficult to make it energized or wish if an expert will do the same, we can do it for you.