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After the Eclipse:

  • One should take a bath with one’s clothes on immediately after the Eclipse.
  • It is best to take a bath in cold water after the Eclipse is over.
  • The Satsangijivan, written by Shatanand Muni, states that after one purifies oneself, one should offer donations according to one’s income. If donations are offered with love and devotion, one will receive appropriate returns as stated in the scriptures. It is in the joy of the Sun and/or Moon-God being released from the clutches of Rahu that the devotees offer donations. Since Sadhus have no money, they rejoice by performing puja.

Question 2:  

How to remain pure during the Eclipse?

Answer 2:

One should get rid of extra cooked food after the Solar or Lunar Eclipse. One should not touch anything such as clothes, food, personal items, etc. during the Eclipse. After the Eclipse is over, one should not touch anyone and take a bath with one’s clothes on. If one has touched anything by mistake, it should be purified by washing or by sprinkling water over it. In today’s age of science and technology, it may be difficult to believe the story of the origin of Eclipses, but the rules and regulations followed before, during and after an Eclipse are scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect on us.

Dr. Thornton has done significant research on the effects of Eclipse. His scientific experiments prove that an Eclipse has a definite effect on the digestive system of humans and animals. Even animals have a natural tendency to reject food at certain times. In one of his experiments he proved that dogs rejected food while an Eclipse was in progress.

Just as the scriptures propagate the prohibition of food during the Eclipse, they also prohibit viewing the Eclipse while it is in progress. The scripture Arthdipika Brahmasiddhant states that one should view the Eclipse only if one covers one’s eyes with a thin cloth – it should not be viewed directly. The other ways of viewing the Eclipse is viewing the reflection of the Eclipse in oil, water or mirror. Also, a pregnant woman should never see an Eclipse in the absence of a cloth in front of her eyes.

Similarly scientists today warn us that one should not view the Eclipse without shades, especially when the Sun or Moon are in the total Eclipse phase.