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The little intellect cannot understand many things in this universe. Hence, have faith in the words of sages.

Ignorance has eclipsed Self-knowledge. However, this Eclipse will disappear. You will shine in your own glory. This is the spiritual significance of the Eclipse.

On the day of the Eclipse, what is known as Tabij, can be made from Bhoja Patra. Upon it words are written using as ink, Ashta-gandha or Kesar or Kasturi. After folding, it is tied with cotton thread. Using diya and dhoop for puja, the Tabij is powered (made potent) with Mantras. Tabij that is prepared during the actual time of Eclipse is most powerful and potent. Many types of Tabij are used for business or profession, health, wealth- prosperity, success in exams, jobs, marriage, romance, successful outcome of court cases, revenge etc. Wrap the Tabij with a red cloth or place in a copper container and keep for two-three years. Detailed information can be had from learned pundits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eclipses

Question 1: Why should we follow the rituals during and after the Eclipse and how should they be followed?
Answer 1:

There are two types of Eclipses: Solar and Lunar Eclipses. When an Eclipse occurs, only certain regions of the world are affected. The rule for following the Eclipse ritual is as follows: if the Eclipse affects the region that you are living in, then you should follow the rituals as prescribed by the scriptures. However, if the Eclipse does not affect your region, then you should not follow the rituals laid out for the Eclipse. In the Shikshãpatri, Bhagwan Swaminarayan says:

At the time of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse, instantly stop all activities and chant the name of God in a purified state. After the Eclipse, householders should bath with the clothes they are wearing and then make donations according to their means. (Shik 86/87)

The Hindu scriptures, the Purãns (written by Ved Vyãs), narrate the story of how the Eclipse came into existence: