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A Small Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Third Bhava (Bhratru bhava) :
Younger brothers and sisters, communications, servants, slaves, laborers, courage, valor, wicked intention, right ear, help, neighbors, small journeys, hearsay, letters, children of friends, friends of children etc.

Fourth Bhava (Sukha bhava) :
Pleasures, garden, fields, mother, friends, caves, maternal uncle, nephew, treasures, vehicles, cot, seat, cleverness, winsome manners, place of birth, education, estates, property of diseased etc.

Fifth Bhava (Putra bhava) :
Children, Intelligence, resourcefulness, genius, discriminatory faculty, merits of past lives, mantras, ministers, cheerful mind, pregnancy, spiritual practices, literary composition, charters, lotteries, clubs etc.

Sixth Bhava  (Satru bhava) :
Thieves, enemies, obstacles, diseases, physical injuries, serious illness amounting to death, fear, battle, donkey, cruel deeds, get-well from illness, demise of friends, shepherds, enemies of wife etc.

Seventh Bhava (Kalatra bhava) :
Marriage, passion, partner, husband, wife, companion ship, union of lovers, inward and outward movements, bad chamber, ladies’ apartments, war, lost articles, business, litigation, dispute etc.

Eighth Bhava (Ayur bhava) :
Death, cause of death, total destruction, disaster, scandals, place of death, hostel, hermitage, difficulties on the way, fortress, corruption, fight, vulnerable points, deed of will, relations of servants etc.

Ninth Bhava (Bhagya bhava) :
Fortune, religion, merit, compassion, good luck, penance, father, grand children, charity, worship of gods, spiritual practices, Vedic hymns, noble conduct, wells, temples, voyage, insurance, health of father, tenants etc.

Tenth Bhava (Karma bhava) :
Profession, all kinds of services, cities, assemblies, street, residence, command, support, refuge, kingship, position, utility, magistrate, great men, reputation, father in-law, enemies of friends, lawyers etc.

Eleventh Bhava (Labha Bhava) :
Gain of wealth, acquisition of desired objects, elder brother, one’s own progeny, left ear, elephant riding, crops, gold, maidens, trusts, perfidy of friends, ambassadors, advisors, cattle, death of father etc.

Twelfth Bhava (Vyaya bhava) :
Loss, sinful deeds, fall, hell, left eye, loss of position, physical handicap, defective limbs, renunciation, expenditure through charity, luxurious living, sacrifices, agricultural operations, tribulations, accidents etc.