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A Small Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Remedy rectifies to a certain extent:
Being known that there are sins in our deposit, we are expected to do ‘pariharas’ as remedial measures and  ‘prayaschithas’ or amends, to mitigate the evils. If we believe God as the most powerful and all pervasive, kind and merciful, he will accept our prayers and will pardon us for our mistakes. There is no man in this world who has not sinned in one way or other. Guilty conscience will never boost you up. It must be remembered in this context that for anything and everything we should not try to bring down God to our level and try to get things done as we wish. It is bad.

Bhagavat Gita says :

“ Udharedatmanatmanam, natmanamavasadayet,
Atmaivahyatmanobandhu: atmaivaripuratmana:”, 

meaning, let one raise the self, by the self and not let the self go down, because the self is the friend of the self and self is the foe of the self. You should not degrade yourself. The inner urge should be kept up. There is conflict of Dharma and Adharma in our mind. All your enemies are with in you first. With diligent perseverance and persistence, we should hold on to Dharma and raise ourselves. It is nice to remember Shakespeare here, where Cassius reminds Brutus, in his Julius Caesar:

“Men at sometime are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our Stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings”

Some General Rules:
The Astrology Chart consists of 12 Bhavas. Some of the  important things, amidst the hundreds of thousands, represented by each bhava can be put briefly  in general, as follows:

First Bhava (Tanu bhava) :
Happiness, longevity, age, birth, caste or community, health, characteristic mark, virtues, sufferings, physique, form, shape, complexion, fame, prosperity, success, sex etc. This bhava is called Lagna (Rassenamudayo lagna:). This is known also as Ascendant and is supposed to be the Key to all other bhavas.

Second Bhava (Dhana bhava) :
Wealth, family, clothes, pearls, ruby, gems, minerals, horses, business, path, science, art, speech, right eye, penury, rise and fall, all movables, court cases, death of husband and wife, common enemies etc.