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A Small Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Children and Character:
If a child grows in the habit of getting unconditional love from his parents, getting situations to help develop self-esteem, values, morals and good traditions of life, enjoyment, good health, secure surroundings, chances to develop skills and abilities, of course coupled with strict discipline, he will have strength of character, which leads him to proper Karmas, the consequences of which will be a meaningful life.  One thing is certain that unto every violation of law of the nature, there is meted out a penalty and it is inevitable. We can then try to resort to genuine, harmless and good processes of actions to mitigate evils, hoping for comfort and certainly with the ultimate aim of raising the level of our mind to a little more God-head, bearing in mind that the result of which depends on many other factors also, like the time for fructification of our prayers, the bank balance of our ‘papa-punyas’or merits and demerits, transcended from our previous births, if any, etc.

Some laws of Nature :
In this context, since we came to know that the violation of nature’s law is the primary and most important cause of grief in life, we should try to understand at least some of the major laws of nature, so that we may not purposely violate them and invite unnecessary troubles and worries into our lives, although it is a cosmic fact that a prick of conscience is instilled in us by the mother nature whenever we try to think or do an evil thing. People with wisdom and virtue will realize it easily that it is against the law of nature and they avoid it at once, when recognized. Wisdom is knowing what to do and virtue is doing it. The most conspicuous nature’s law, I think, is its vicissitudes. Nature is indifferent, it is not constant, and it exhibits no freedom in its existence, but only necessity and contingency. Some split seconds are enough for the utter annihilation of a part of the world, or even the whole world, for that matter.  Second one is that this variety of the Nature is under constant change owing to time, space and causation, which cannot be predicted exactly by any one. Because of the intensity of variety in nature, not even two leaves in a big tree are exactly similar, not to speak of humans. This phenomenon of the Nature teaches us a lesson that the expectations of two persons, whether it be husband and wife, father and mother, brother and sister, or two lovers, so to say, will never be on the same level. Very often this is the root cause for beginning all troubles, especially in this Kali Yuga. 'Kali' is Kalkki or Khadgi. Kalkki means strife, internal and external aswell. So, we should not expect anything and everything from the other. We should learn to contain ourselves and try to be happy and contented with what we have, and share the excess.

Helps Liberation:
Astrology is really like a vast ocean. A famous Vedic Astrologer once said that he is only a particle of sand on the bank of the great ocean of Astrology. Astrology is spiritual, mystical, magical and it is the music of the cosmos. A true and learned Astrologer can guide one to do the right thing at the right time and can guide to avoid the wrong thing at the tempting time. It is a Divine Science too, though empirical predictive in nature. It s purely based on mathematics, if the time and calculations go wrong, everything will go wrong. The most important thing to be borne in mind about Astrology is that it should never be taken on any level other than the level of Vedanta, since it contains the quintessence of the philosophies of the entire world. Also, it is true that no better boat than a well written Horoscope can help a man cross over the troubled sea of life. Astrology ultimately helps our Atma (soul) to become Jivatma (manifested soul) and eventually to be one with Paramatma (The God), through deliverance or Liberation (Moksha or Sayoojya), which alone is supposed to fulfill or materialize the purpose of human birth. The higher the soul evolves, the more spiritual the understanding becomes until perfect rapport with the Divine Spirit is attained. This is the atonement, which makes a man perfect. Astrology, if approached in proper perspective, will be most helpful to achieve this goal. Astrology also reveals the greatest  fact that the God, Almighty, is atonce transcendent and immanent, the principle emphasized in Sanatana Dharma, which is followed in countries like India,  from time immemorial, by people of all caste, creed and color, irrespective of young and old.