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A Small Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Stars cannot compel; they only impel:
There are so many branches in Astrology like Jathaka or Native Chart, Prasna or Horary, Muhurta or Electional Astrology, Vana Nireekshana or Meteorology, Nashta Prasna or Missing persons or things, the affairs of Sanctum Sanctorum of temples and churches, and the like.  Horoscope or Natal Chart, as pointed out above, reveals the influence of time and space of a birth, stamped permanently on it, through the planetary alignment, their relations with the cusps and angles etc. In this context, we must always remember the Universal fact that Stars cannot compel, they only impel. Also we should know the truth that excellence comes when the performer takes pride in doing his best, accepting even challenges. Sometimes, as William Shakespeare said, we may feel that: “The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves”.

Destiny and Fate :
However, it is seen that stars help us shape our Destiny, but the ultimate Destiny or Fate is into him, the Supreme Lord- the Brahman.  Fate mostly depends on Karma, which is the law of consequences – of merit and demerit.  Karma depends on Character. When we change our Character, we change our Karma. Character, in its turn, depends on habits. One may say that when character is lost, everything is lost. Habits, attitudes and behaviors are closely linked to our unconscious. Do not turn the normal law of self-preservation inside out by bad habits and addictions. Again, Astrology is the only available proof for ‘Karma Theory’, which is the reason for all the happenings in the world. The three time periods namely past, present and future are supposed to be the transcendence of time and space in Astrology. It is therefore a true knowledge. It is the path of eternal bliss. The conscious, unconscious and subconscious are contained in it. Old Sages used to say that no knowledge is complete without the knowledge of Astrology. It is therefore considered as the supreme knowledge granted to human being by the God, Almighty. If it is not properly and divinely used it will definitely cause ‘ tantra virodha’ to the Astrologer, causing havoc in his life. It should therefore be used only with utmost discretion after deep study, dedication and full providence.

Births and Re-births:
The planets are supposed to be hereditary transmitters from one generation to the other. Births and re-births are taken place to complete the cycle of life. The horoscope shows the residues of the results of the deeds of the past births or ‘karma phala’. In this birth one will carry three sorts of karma; ‘sanchitam’ that is stored from the past birth; ‘prarabdham’, accumulating in this birth and ‘aagami’, stored for the future. The doctrine of karma says so. When the ‘karma phala’ is exhausted there will be no more births. The microcosm becomes one with the macrocosm, which is the materialization of life, as if a drop of water becomes one with the sea.