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  Vedic Astrology - The Means of Transcending the Three Modes of Material Nature

By-Lora Melzack, Canada  

The illuminating quality of Astrology, the eye of the Lord, can bring a clearer vision to the darkness of ignorance which binds conditioned soul. We are all suffering in this mortal world of birth and death, from the three fold miseries, of Adhidaivika, Adhiatmika, and Adhibhodika Klesha's. Miseries arising from Demigods or natural disturbances, miseries arising from our own body and mind and miseries arising from other living entities. The Vedic literatures, the sacred texts of mankind, give us information of how to come out of this suffering condition. Astrology shows us our strengths and weaknesses, and can be a great help to self realization, and awareness that we are not this body, but are pure spirit soul. Atma is free from duality of modes of goodness, passion and ignorance, but it has become covered over by the influence of time and karma. (Maya) To become free from miserable conditioning of this mortal world, astrology helps us in becoming introspective.

All of us have faults, as well as good behavior. Through Astrology we, can begin to understand our faults and weaknesses, and take up a spiritual process to gradually purify ourselves from "Anartha's". For many births and deaths we are revolving in a wheel of "Sansara". Astrology gives us a chance to find out why we are stuck in this karmic wheel, and what the best method of our liberation is.

By "Sukriti", we get a chance to meet a Bonafide Guru, who can help us to become free of "Sansara".  Vedic Astrology can show us when such an auspicious time may come in our lives.  As a map guides the weary traveler, so Vedic Astrology can guide one in this world, to take proper steps on the road of life.

I have found that having my chart done, has helped me to understand, why I am suffering.  This knowledge can support inner change necessary to change one's future destiny.  Knowledge is light, ignorance is darkness.  By coming to the light, we will see where to put our next step, without falling. I have a great respect for Vedic Astrology because it brings one closer to understanding God, Bhagavan Shri Krishna.

My respect to those who have dedicated themselves to this Vedic Science.