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  1. satta: One without a second
  2. sadbhootih: One who has rich glories
  3. satparaayanah: The Supreme goal for the good
  4. shoorasenah: One who has heroic and valiant armies
  5. yadu-shresthah: The best among the Yadava clan
  6. sannivaasah: The abode of the good
  7. suyaamunah: One who attended by the people who dwell on the banks of Yamuna
  8. bhootaavaaso: The dwelling place of the elements
  9. vaasudevah: One who envelops the world with Maya
  10. sarvaasunilayah: The abode of all life energies
  11. analah: One of unlimited wealth, power and glory
  12. darpahaa: The destroyer of pride in evil-minded people
  13. darpadah: One who creates pride, or an urge to be the best, among the righteous
  14. driptah: One whio is drunk with Infinite bliss
  15. durdharah: The object of contemplation
  16. athaaparaajitah: The unvanquished
  17. vishvamoortih: Of the form of the entire Universe
  18. mahaamortir: The great form
  19. deeptamoortir: Of resplendent form
  20. a-moortirmaan: Having no form
  21. anekamoortih: Multi-formed
  22. avyaktah: Unmanifeset
  23. shatamoortih: Of many forms
  24. shataananah: Many-faced
  25. ekah: The one
  26. naikah: The many
  27. savah: The nature of the sacrifice
  28. kah: One who is of the nature of bliss
  29. kim: What (the one to be inquired into)
  30. yat: Which
  31. tat: That
  32. padam-anuttamam: The unequalled state of perfection
  33. lokabandhur: Friend of the world
  34. lokanaathah: Lord of the world
  35. maadhavah: Born in the family of Madhu
  36. bhaktavatsalah: One who loves His devotees
  37. suvarna-varnah: Golden-coloured
  38. hemaangah: One who has limbs of gold
  39. varaangah: With beautiful limbs
  40. chandanaangadee: One who has attractive armlets
  41. veerahaa: Destroyer of valiant heroes
  42. vishama: Unequalled
  43. shoonyah: The void
  44. ghritaaseeh: One who has no need for good wishes
  45. acalah: Non-moving
  46. chalah: Moving
  47. amaanee: Without false vanity
  48. maanadah: One who causes, by His maya, false identification with the body
  49. maanyah: One who is to be honoured
  50. lokasvaamee: Lord of the universe
  51. trilokadhrik: One who is the support of all the three worlds
  52. sumedhaa: One who has pure intelligence
  53. medhajah: Born out of sacrifices
  54. dhanyah: Fortunate
  55. satyamedhah: One whose intelligence never fails
  56. dharaadharah: The sole support of the earth
  57. tejovrisho: One who showers radiance
  58. dyutidharah: One who bears an effulgent form
  59. sarva-shastra-bhritaam-varah: The best among those who wield weapons
  60. pragrahah: Receiver of worship
  61. nigrahah: The killer
  62. vyagrah: One who is ever engaged in fulfilling the devotee's desires
  63. naikashringah: One who has many horns
  64. gadaagrajah: One who is invoked through mantra
  65. chaturmoortih: Four-formed
  66. chaturbaahuh: Four-handed
  67. chaturvyoohah: One who expresses Himself as the dynamic centre in the four vyoohas
  68. chaturgatih: The ultimate goal of all four varnas and asramas
  69. chaturaatmaa: Clear-minded
  70. chaturbhaavas: The source of the four
  71. chatur-vedavid: Knower of all four vedas
  72. ekapaat: One-footed (BG 10.42)
  73. samaavartah: The efficient turner
  74. nivrittaatmaa: One whose mind is turned away from sense indulgence
  75. durjayah: The invincible
  76. duratikramah: One who is difficult to be disobeyed
  77. durlabhah: One who obtained with effort
  78. durgamah: One who is realised with great effort
  79. durgah: Not easy to storm into
  80. duraavaasah: Not easy to lodge
  81. duraarihaa: Slayer of the asuras
  82. shubhaangah: One with enchanting limbs
  83. lokasaarangah: One who understands the universe
  84. sutantuh: Beautifully expanded
  85. tantu-vardhanah: One who sustains the continuity of the drive for the family
  86. indrakarmaa: One who always performs gloriously auspicious actions
  87. mahaakarmaa: One who accomplishes great acts
  88. kritakarmaa: One who has fulfilled his acts
  89. kritaagamah: Author of the Vedas
  90. udbhavah: The ultimate source
  91. sundarah: Of unrivalled beauty
  92. sundah: Of great mercy
  93. ratna-naabhah: Of beautiful navel
  94. sulochanah: One who has the most enchanting eyes
  95. arkah: One who is in the form of the sun
  96. vaajasanah: The giver of food
  97. shringee: The horned one
  98. jayantah: The conqueror of all enemies
  99. sarvavij-jayee: One who is at once omniscient and victorious
  100. suvarna-binduh: With limbs radiant like gold
  101. akshobhyah: One who is ever unruffled
  102. sarva-vaageeshvareshvarah: Lord of the Lord of speech
  103. mahaahradah: One who is like a great refreshing swimming pool
  104. mahaagartah: The great chasm
  105. mahaabhootah: The great being