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  1. shreevatsa-vakshaah: One who has sreevatsa on His chest
  2. shrevaasah: Abode of Sree
  3. shreepatih: Lord of Laksmi
  4. shreemataam varah: The best among glorious
  5. shreedah: Giver of opulence
  6. shreeshah: The Lord of Sree
  7. shreenivaasah: One who dwells in the good people
  8. shreenidhih: The treasure of Sree
  9. shreevibhaavanah: Distributor of Sree
  10. shreedharah: Holder of Sree
  11. shreekarah: One who gives Sree
  12. shreyah: Liberation
  13. shreemaan: Possessor of Sree
  14. loka-trayaashrayah: Shelter of the three worlds
  15. svakshah: Beautiful-eyed
  16. svangah: Beautiful-limbed
  17. shataanandah: Of infinite varieties and joys
  18. nandih: Infinite bliss
  19. jyotir-ganeshvarah: Lord of the luminaries in the cosmos
  20. vijitaatmaa: One who has conquered the sense organs
  21. vidheyaatmaa: One who is ever available for the devotees to command in love
  22. sat-keertih: One of pure fame
  23. chinnasamshayah: One whose doubts are ever at rest
  24. udeernah: The great transcendent
  25. sarvatah-chakshuh: One who has eyes everywhere
  26. aneeshah: One who has none to Lord over Him
  27. shaashvata-sthirah: One who is eternal and stable
  28. bhooshayah: One who rested on the ocean shore (Rama)
  29. bhooshanah: One who adorns the world
  30. bhootih: One who is pure existence
  31. vishokah: Sorrowless
  32. shoka-naashanah: Destroyer of sorrows
  33. archishmaan: The effulgent
  34. architah: One who is constantly worshipped by His devotees
  35. kumbhah: The pot within whom everything is contained
  36. vishuddhaatmaa: One who has the purest soul
  37. vishodhanah: The great purifier
  38. anniruddhah: He who is invincible by any enemy
  39. apratirathah: One who has no enemies to threaten Him
  40. pradyumnah: Very rich
  41. amitavikramah: Of immeasurable prowess
  42. kaalanemi-nihaa: Slayer of Kalanemi
  43. veerah: The heroic victor
  44. shauri: One who always has invincible prowess
  45. shoora-janeshvarah: Lord of the valiant
  46. trilokaatmaa: The self of the three worlds
  47. trilokeshah: The Lord of the three worlds
  48. keshavah: One whose rays illumine the cosmos
  49. keshihaa: Killer of Kesi
  50. harih: The destroyer
  51. kaamadevah: The beloved Lord
  52. kaamapaalah: The fulfiller of desires
  53. kaamee: One who has fulfilled all His desires
  54. kaantah: Of enchanting form
  55. kritaagamah: The author of the agama scriptures
  56. anirdeshya-vapuh: Of Indescribable form
  57. vishnuh: All-pervading
  58. veerah: The courageous
  59. anantah: Endless
  60. dhananjayah: One who gained wealth through conquest
  61. brahmanyah: Protector of Brahman (anything related to Narayana)
  62. brahmakrit: One who acts in Brahman
  63. brahmaa: Creator
  64. brahma: Biggest
  65. brahma-vivardhanah: One who increases the Brahman
  66. brahmavid: One who knows Brahman
  67. braahmanah: One who has realised Brahman
  68. brahmee: One who is with Brahma
  69. brahmajno: One who knows the nature of Brahman
  70. braahmana-priyah: Dear to the brahmanas
  71. mahaakramo: Of great step
  72. mahaakarmaa: One who performs great deeds
  73. mahaatejaah: One of great resplendence
  74. mahoragah: The great serpent
  75. mahaakratuh: The great sacrifice
  76. mahaayajvaa: One who performed great yajnas
  77. mahaayajnah: The great yajna
  78. mahaahavih: The great offering
  79. stavyah: One who is the object of all praise
  80. stavapriyah: One who is invoked through prayer
  81. stotram: The hymn
  82. stutih: The act of praise
  83. stotaa: One who adores or praises
  84. ranapriyah: Lover of battles
  85. poornah: The complete
  86. poorayitaa: The fulfiller
  87. punyah: The truly holy
  88. punya-keertir: Of Holy fame
  89. anaamayah: One who has no diseases
  90. manojavah: Swift as the mind
  91. teerthakaro: The teacher of the tirthas
  92. vasuretaah: He whose essence is golden
  93. vasupradah: The free-giver of wealth
  94. vasupradah: The giver of salvation, the greatest wealth
  95. vaasudevo: The son of Vasudeva
  96. vasuh: The refuge for all
  97. vasumanaah: One who is attentive to everything
  98. havih: The oblation
  99. sadgatih: The goal of good people
  100. satkritih: One who is full of Good actions