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  1. kapeendrah: Lord of the monkeys (Rama)
  2. bhooridakshinah: He who gives away large gifts
  3. somapah: One who takes Soma in the yajnas
  4. amritapah: One who drinks the nectar
  5. somah: One who as the moon nourishes plants
  6. purujit: One who has conquered numerous enemies
  7. purusattamah: The greatest of the great
  8. vinayah: He who humiliates those who are unrighteous
  9. jayah: The victorious
  10. satyasandhah: Of truthful resolution
  11. daashaarhah: One who was born in the Dasarha race
  12. saatvataam-patih: The Lord of the Satvatas
  13. jeevah: One who functions as the ksetrajna
  14. vinayitaa-saakshee: The witness of modesty
  15. mukundah: The giver of liberation
  16. amitavikramah: Of immeasurable prowess
  17. ambho-nidhir: The substratum of the four types of beings
  18. anantaatmaa: The infinite self
  19. mahodadhishayah: One who rests on the great ocean
  20. antakah: The death
  21. ajah: Unborn
  22. mahaarhah: One who deserves the highest worship
  23. svaabhaavyah: Ever rooted in the nature of His own self
  24. jitaamitrah: One who has conquered all enemies
  25. pramodanah: Ever-blissful
  26. aanandah: A mass of pure bliss
  27. nandanah: One who makes others blissful
  28. nandah: Free from all worldly pleasures
  29. satyadharmaa: One who has in Himself all true dharmas
  30. trivikramah: One who took three steps
  31. maharshih kapilaachaaryah: He who incarnated as Kapila, the great sage
  32. kritajnah: The knower of the creation
  33. medineepatih: The Lord of the earth
  34. tripadah: One who has taken three steps
  35. tridashaadhyaksho: The Lord of the three states of consciousness
  36. mahaashringah: Great-horned (Matsya)
  37. kritaantakrit: Destroyer of the creation
  38. mahaavaraaho: The great boar
  39. govindah: One who is known through Vedanta
  40. sushenah: He who has a charming army
  41. kanakaangadee: Wearer of bright-as-gold armlets
  42. guhyo: The mysterious
  43. gabheerah: The unfathomable
  44. gahano: Impenetrable
  45. guptah: The well-concealed
  46. chakra-gadaadharah: Bearer of the disc and mace
  47. vedhaah: Creator of the universe
  48. svaangah: One with well-proportioned limbs
  49. ajitah: Vanquished by none
  50. krishnah: Dark-complexioned
  51. dridhah: The firm
  52. sankarshanochyutah: He who absorbs the whole creation into His nature and never falls away from that nature
  53. varunah: One who sets on the horizon (Sun)
  54. vaarunah: The son of Varuna (Vasistha or Agastya)
  55. vrikshah: The tree
  56. pushkaraakshah: Lotus eyed
  57. mahaamanaah: Great-minded
  58. bhagavaan: One who possesses six opulences
  59. bhagahaa: One who destroys the six opulences during pralaya
  60. aanandee: One who gives delight
  61. vanamaalee: One who wears a garland of forest flowers
  62. halaayudhah: One who has a plough as His weapon
  63. aadityah: Son of Aditi
  64. jyotiraadityah: The resplendence of the sun
  65. sahishnuh: One who calmly endures duality
  66. gatisattamah: The ultimate refuge for all devotees
  67. sudhanvaa: One who has Shaarnga
  68. khanda-parashur: One who holds an axe
  69. daarunah: Merciless towards the unrighteous
  70. dravinapradah: One who lavishly gives wealth
  71. divah-sprik: Sky-reaching
  72. sarvadrik-vyaaso: One who creates many men of wisdom
  73. vaachaspatir-ayonijah: One who is the master of all vidyas and who is unborn through a womb
  74. trisaamaa: One who is glorified by Devas, Vratas and Saamans
  75. saamagah: The singer of the sama songs
  76. saama: The Sama Veda
  77. nirvaanam: All-bliss
  78. bheshajam: Medicine
  79. bhishak: Physician
  80. samnyaasa-krit: Institutor of sannyasa
  81. samah: Calm
  82. shaantah: Peaceful within
  83. nishthaa: Abode of all beings
  84. shaantih: One whose very nature is peace
  85. paraayanam: The way to liberation
  86. shubhaangah: One who has the most beautiful form
  87. shaantidah: Giver of peace
  88. shrashtaa: Creator of all beings
  89. kumudah: He who delights in the earth
  90. kuvaleshayah: He who reclines in the waters
  91. gohitah: One who does welfare for cows
  92. gopatih: Husband of the earth
  93. goptaa: Protector of the universe
  94. vrishabhaaksho: One whose eyes rain fulfilment of desires
  95. vrishapriyah: One who delights in dharma
  96. anivartee: One who never retreats
  97. nivrittaatmaa: One who is fully restrained from all sense indulgences
  98. samksheptaa: The involver
  99. kshemakrit: Doer of good
  100. shivah: Auspiciousness