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  1. vedavit: He who contemplates upon the Vedas
  2. kavih: The seer
  3. lokaadhyakshah: He who presides over all lokas
  4. suraadhyaksho: He who presides over all devas
  5. dharmaadhyakshah: He who presides over dharma
  6. krita-akritah: All that is created and not created
  7. chaturaatmaa: The four-fold self
  8. chaturvyoohah: Vasudeva, Sankarshan etc
  9. chaturdamstrah: He who has four canines (Nrsimha)
  10. chaturbhujah: Four-handed
  11. bhraajishnur: Self-effulgent consciousness
  12. bhojanam: He who is the sense-objects
  13. bhoktaa: The one who enjoys
  14. sahishnuh: He who can suffer patiently
  15. jagadaadijah: Born at the beginning of the world
  16. anaghah: Sinless
  17. vijayah: Victorious
  18. jetaa: Ever-successful
  19. vishvayonih: He who incarnates because of the world 150) punarvasuh: He who lives repeatedly in different bodies
  20. upendrah: The younger brother of Indra (vaamana)
  21. vaamanah: He with a dwarf body
  22. praamshuh: He with a huge body
  23. amoghah: He whose acts are for a great purpose
  24. shuchih: He who is spotlessly clean
  25. oorjitah: He who has infinite vitality
  26. ateendrah: He who surpasses Indra
  27. samgrahah: He who holds everything together
  28. sargah: He who creates the world from Himself
  29. dhritaatmaa: Established in Himself
  30. niyamo: The appointing authority
  31. yamah: The administrator
  32. vedyah: That which is to be known
  33. vaidyah: The Supreme doctor
  34. sadaa-yogee: Always in yoga
  35. veerahaa: He who destroys the mighty heroes
  36. maadhavo: The Lord of all knowledge
  37. madhuh: Sweet
  38. ateendriyo: Beyond the sense organs
  39. mahaamayo: The Supreme Master of all Maayaa
  40. mahotsaaho: The great enthusiast
  41. mahaabalah: He who has supreme strength
  42. mahaabuddhir: He who has supreme intelligence
  43. mahaa-veeryah: The supreme essence
  44. mahaa-shaktih: All-powerful
  45. mahaa-dyutih: Greatly luminous
  46. anirdeshya-vapuh: He whose form is indescribable
  47. shreemaan: He who is always courted by glories
  48. ameyaatmaa: He whose essence is immeasurable
  49. mahaadri-dhrik: He who supports the great mountain
  50. maheshvaasah: He who wields shaarnga
  51. maheebhartaa: The husband of mother earth
  52. shreenivaasah: The permanent abode of Shree
  53. sataam gatih: The goal for all virtuous people
  54. aniruddhah: He who cannot be obstructed
  55. suraanando: He who gives out happiness
  56. govindah: The protector of the cows
  57. govidaam-patih: The Lord of all men of wisdom
  58. mareechih: Effulgence
  59. damanah: He who controls rakshasa
  60. hamsah: The swan
  61. suparnah: Beautiful-winged (Two birds analogy)
  62. bhujagottamah: The serpent Ananta
  63. hiranyanaabhah: He who has a golden navel
  64. sutapaah: He who has glorious tapas
  65. padmanaabhah: He whose navel is like a lotus
  66. prajaapatih: He from whom all creatures emerge
  67. amrityuh: He who knows no death
  68. sarva-drik: The seer of everything
  69. simhah: He who destroys