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  1. trikakub-dhaama: The support of the three quarters
  2. pavitram: He who gives purity to the heart
  3. mangalam param: The Supreme auspiciousness
  4. eeshanah: The controller of the five great elements
  5. praanadah: He who gives life
  6. praano: He who ever lives
  7. jyeshthah: Older than all
  8. shreshthah: The most glorious
  9. prajaapatih: The Lord of all creatures
  10. hiranyagarbhah: He who dwells in the womb of the world
  11. bhoogarbhah: He who is the womb of the world
  12. maadhavah: Husband of Lakshmi
  13. madhusoodanah: Destroyer of the Madhu demon
  14. eeshvarah: The controller
  15. vikramee: He who is full of prowess
  16. dhanvee: He who always has a divine bow
  17. medhaavee: Supremely intelligent
  18. vikramah: He who stepped (Vaamana)
  19. kramah: All-pervading
  20. anuttamah: Incomparably great
  21. duraadharshah: He who cannot be attacked successfully
  22. kritajnah: He who knows all that is
  23. kritih: He who rewards all our actions
  24. aatmavaan: The self in all beings
  25. sureshah: The Lord of the demigods
  26. sharanam: The refuge
  27. sharma: He who is Himself infinite bliss
  28. visva-retaah: The seed of the universe
  29. prajaa-bhavah: He from whom all praja comes
  30. ahah: He who is the nature of time
  31. samvatsarah: He from whom the concept of time comes
  32. vyaalah: The serpent (vyaalah) to atheists
  33. pratyayah: He whose nature is knowledge
  34. sarvadarshanah: All-seeing
  35. ajah: Unborn
  36. sarveshvarah: Controller of all
  37. siddhah: The most famous
  38. siddhih: He who gives moksha
  39. sarvaadih: The beginning of all
  40. achyutah: Infallible
  41. vrishaakapih: He who lifts the world to dharma
  42. ameyaatmaa: He who manifests in infinite varieties
  43. sarva-yoga-vinissritah: He who is free from all attachments
  44. vasuh: The support of all elements
  45. vasumanaah: He whose mind is supremely pure
  46. satyah: The truth
  47. samaatmaa: He who is the same in all
  48. sammitah: He who has been accepted by authorities
  49. samah: Equal
  50. amoghah: Ever useful
  51. pundareekaakshah: He who dwells in the heart
  52. vrishakarmaa: He whose every act is righteous
  53. vrishaakritih: The form of dharma
  54. rudrah: He who makes all people weep
  55. bahu-shiraah: He who has many heads
  56. babhrur: He who rules over all the worlds
  57. vishvayonih: The womb of the universe
  58. shuchi-shravaah: He who has beautiful, sacred names
  59. amritah: Immortal
  60. shaashvatah-sthaanur: Permanent and immovable
  61. varaaroho: The most glorious destination
  62. mahaatapaah: He of great tapas
  63. sarvagah: All-pervading
  64. sarvavid-bhaanuh: All-knowing and effulgent
  65. vishvaksenah: He against whom no army can stand
  66. janaardanah: He who gives joy to good people
  67. vedah: He who is the Vedas
  68. vedavid: The one who knows Vedas
  69. avyangah: Without imperfections
  70. vedaangah: He whose limbs are the Vedas