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  1. svastibhuk: One who constantly enjoys auspiciousness
  2. svastidakshinah: Distributor of auspiciousness
  3. araudrah: One who has no negative emotions or urges
  4. kundalee: One who wears shark earrings
  5. chakree: Holder of the chakra
  6. vikramee: The most daring
  7. oorjita-shaasanah: One who commands with His hand
  8. shabdaatigah: One who transcends all words
  9. shabdasahah: One who allows Himself to be invoked by Vedic declarations
  10. shishirah: The cold season, winter
  11. sharvaree-karah: Creator of darkness
  12. akroorah: Never cruel
  13. peshalah: One who is supremely soft
  14. dakshah: Prompt
  15. dakshinah: The most liberal
  16. kshaminaam-varah: One who has the greatest amount of patience with sinners
  17. vidvattamah: One who has the greatest wisdom
  18. veetabhayah: One with no fear
  19. punya-shravana-keertanah: The hearing of whose glory causes holiness to grow
  20. uttaaranah: One who lifts us out of the ocean of change
  21. dushkritihaa: Destroyer of bad actions
  22. punyah: Supremely pure
  23. duh-svapna-naashanah: One who destroys all bad dreams
  24. veerahaa: One who ends the passage from womb to womb
  25. rakshanah: Protector of the universe
  26. santah: One who is expressed through saintly men
  27. jeevanah: The life spark in all creatures
  28. paryavasthitah: One who dwells everywhere
  29. anantaroopah: One of infinite forms
  30. anantashreeh: Full of infinite glories
  31. jitamanyuh: One who has no anger
  32. bhayapahah: One who destroys all fears
  33. chaturashrah: One who deals squarely
  34. gabheeraatmaa: Too deep to be fathomed
  35. vidishah: One who is unique in His giving
  36. vyaadishah: One who is unique in His commanding power
  37. dishah: One who advises and gives knowledge
  38. anaadih: One who is the first cause
  39. bhoor-bhuvo: The substratum of the earth
  40. lakshmeeh: The glory of the universe
  41. suveerah: One who moves through various ways
  42. ruchiraangadah: One who wears resplendent shoulder caps
  43. jananah: He who delivers all living creatures
  44. jana-janmaadir: The cause of the birth of all creatures
  45. bheemah: Terrible form
  46. bheema-paraakramah: One whose prowess is fearful to His enemies
  47. aadhaaranilayah: The fundamental sustainer
  48. adhaataa: Above whom there is no other to command
  49. pushpahaasah: He who shines like an opening flower
  50. prajaagarah: Ever-awakened
  51. oordhvagah: One who is on top of everything
  52. satpathaachaarah: One who walks the path of truth
  53. praanadah: Giver of life
  54. pranavah: Omkara
  55. panah: The supreme universal manager
  56. pramaanam: He whose form is the Vedas
  57. praananilayah: He in whom all prana is established
  58. praanibhrit: He who rules over all pranas
  59. praanajeevanah: He who maintains the life-breath in all living creatures
  60. tattvam: The reality
  61. tattvavit: One who has realised the reality
  62. ekaatmaa: The one self
  63. janma-mrityu-jaraatigah: One who knows no birth, death or old age in Himself
  64. bhoor-bhuvah svas-taruh: The tree of bhur, bhuvah and svah
  65. taarah: One who helps all to cross over
  66. savitaa: The father of all
  67. prapitaamahah: The father of the father of beings (Brahma)
  68. yajnah: One whose very nature is yajna
  69. yajnapatih: The Lord of all yajnas
  70. yajvaa: The one who performs yajna
  71. yajnaangah: One whose limbs are the things employed in yajna
  72. yajnavaahanah: One who fulfils yajnas in complete
  73. yajnabhrid: The ruler of the yajanas
  74. yajnakrit: One who performs yajna
  75. yajnee: Enjoyer of yajnas
  76. yajnabhuk: Receiver of all that is offered
  77. yajnasaadhanah: One who fulfils all yajnas
  78. yajnaantakrit: One who performs the concluding act of the yajna
  79. yajnaguhyam: The person to be realised by yajna
  80. annam: One who is food
  81. annaadah: One who eats the food
  82. aatmayonih: The uncaused cause
  83. svayamjaatah: Self-born
  84. vaikhaanah: The one who cut through the earth
  85. saamagaayanah: One who sings the sama songs
  86. devakee-nandanah: Son of Devaki
  87. srashtaa: Creator
  88. kshiteeshah: The Lord of the earth
  89. paapa-naashanah: Destroyer of sin
  90. samkha-bhrit: One who has the divine Pancajanya
  91. nandakee: One who holds the Nandaka sword
  92. chakree: Carrier of Sudarsana
  93. shaarnga-dhanvaa: One who aims His shaarnga bow
  94. gadaadharah: Carrier of Kaumodakee club
  95. rathaanga-paanih: One who has the wheel of a chariot as His weapon
  96. akshobhyah: One who cannot be annoyed by anyone
  97. sarva-praharanaayudhah: He who has all implements for all kinds of assault and fight
  98. punarvasuh: He who lives repeatedly in different bod
  99. vaagmee: He who is eloquent in speech
  100. sureshvarah: A person of extreme charity
  101. mahaashanah: He who eats up everything