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  1. mahaanidhih: The great abode
  2. kumudah: One who gladdens the earth
  3. kundarah: The one who lifted the earth
  4. kundah: One who is as attractive as Kunda flowers
  5. parjanyah: He who is similar to rain-bearing clouds
  6. paavanah: One who ever purifies
  7. anilah: One who never slips
  8. amritaashah: One whose desires are never fruitless
  9. amritavapuh: He whose form is immortal
  10. sarvajna: Omniscient
  11. sarvato-mukhah: One who has His face turned everywhere
  12. sulabhah: One who is readily available
  13. suvratah: One who has taken the most auspicious forms
  14. siddhah: One who is perfection
  15. shatrujit: One who is ever victorious over His hosts of enemies
  16. shatrutaapanah: The scorcher of enemies
  17. nyagrodhah: The one who veils Himself with Maya
  18. udumbarah: Nourishment of all living creatures
  19. ashvattas: Tree of life
  20. chaanooraandhra-nishoodanah: The slayer of Canura
  21. sahasraarchih: He who has thousands of rays
  22. saptajihvah: He who expresses himself as the seven tongues of fire (Types of agni)
  23. saptaidhaah: The seven effulgences in the flames
  24. saptavaahanah: One who has a vehicle of seven horses (sun)
  25. amoortih: Formless
  26. anaghah: Sinless
  27. acintyo: Inconceivable
  28. bhayakrit: Giver of fear
  29. bhayanaashanah: Destroyer of fear
  30. anuh: The subtlest
  31. brihat: The greatest
  32. krishah: Delicate, lean
  33. sthoolah: One who is the fattest
  34. gunabhrit: One who supports
  35. nirgunah: Without any properties
  36. mahaan: The mighty
  37. adhritah: Without support
  38. svadhritah: Self-supported
  39. svaasyah: One who has an effulgent face
  40. praagvamshah: One who has the most ancient ancestry
  41. vamshavardhanah: He who multiplies His family of descendents
  42. bhaarabhrit: One who carries the load of the universe
  43. kathitah: One who is glorified in all scriptures
  44. yogee: One who can be realised through yoga
  45. yogeeshah: The king of yogis
  46. sarvakaamadah: One who fulfils all desires of true devotees
  47. aashramah: Haven
  48. shramanah: One who persecutes the worldly people
  49. kshaamah: One who destroys everything
  50. suparnah: The golden leaf (Vedas) BG 15.1
  51. vaayuvaahanah: The mover of the winds
  52. dhanurdharah: The wielder of the bow
  53. dhanurvedah: One who declared the science of archery
  54. dandah: One who punishes the wicked
  55. damayitaa: The controller
  56. damah: Beautitude in the self
  57. aparaajitah: One who cannot be defeated
  58. sarvasahah: One who carries the entire Universe
  59. aniyantaa: One who has no controller
  60. niyamah: One who is not under anyone's laws
  61. ayamah: One who knows no death
  62. sattvavaan: One who is full of exploits and courage
  63. saattvikah: One who is full of sattvic qualities
  64. satyah: Truth
  65. satya-dharma-paraayanah: One who is the very abode of truth and dharma
  66. abhipraayah: One who is faced by all seekers marching to the infinite
  67. priyaarhah: One who deserves all our love
  68. arhah: One who deserves to be worshiped
  69. priyakrit: One who is ever-obliging in fulfilling our wishes
  70. preetivardhanah: One who increases joy in the devotee's heart
  71. vihaayasa-gatih: One who travels in space
  72. jyotih: Self-effulgent
  73. suruchih: Whose desire manifests as the universe
  74. hutabhuk: One who enjoys all that is offered in yajna
  75. vibhuh: All-pervading
  76. ravih: One who dries up everything
  77. virochanah: One who shines in different forms
  78. sooryah: The one source from where everything is born
  79. savitaa: The one who brings forth the Universe from Himself
  80. ravilochanah: One whose eye is the sun
  81. anantah: Endless
  82. hutabhuk: One who accepts oblations
  83. bhoktaaA: One who enjoys
  84. sukhadah: Giver of bliss to those who are liberated
  85. naikajah: One who is born many times
  86. agrajah: The first-born
  87. anirvinnah: One who feels no disappointment
  88. sadaamarshee: One who forgives the trespasses of His devotees
  89. lokaadhishthaanam: The substratum of the universe
  90. adbhutah: Wonderful
  91. sanaat: The beginningless and endless factor
  92. sanaatanatamah: The most ancient
  93. kapilah: The great sage Kapila
  94. kapih: One who drinks water
  95. apyayah: The one in whom the universe merges
  96. svastidah: Giver of Svasti
  97. svastikrit: One who robs all auspiciousness
  98. svasti: One who is the source of all auspiciouness