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Lord Vishnu Names in Hindi

Whenever evil tries to overcome righteousness, a divine strength in someway or the other protects the ‘Wheel Of Dharma’. Protector of mankind Vishnu, has thousand names. So, before I end my writing for today, let me inscribe the thousand names of Vishnu in this missive. The names are as follows:


  1. vishvam: He who is the universe, the virat-purusha
  2. vishnuh: He who pervades everywhere
  3. vashatkaarah: He who is invoked for oblations
  4. bhoota-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuh: The Lord of past, present and future
  5. bhoota-krit: The creator of all creatures
  6. bhoota-bhrit: He who nourishes all creatures
  7. bhaavo: He who becomes all moving and non moving things
  8. bhootaatmaa: The aatman of all beings
  9. bhoota-bhaavanah: The cause of the growth and birth of all creatures
  10. pootaatmaa: He with an extremely pure essence
  11. paramaatmaa: The Super soul
  12. muktaanaam paramaa gatih: The final goal, reached by liberated souls
  13. avyayah: Without destruction
  14. purushah: He who dwells in the city of nine gates
  15. saakshee: The witness
  16. kshetrajnah: The one who knows field
  17. akshara: Indestructible
  18. yogah: He who is realized through yoga
  19. yoga-vidaam netaa: The guide of those who know yoga
  20. pradhaana-purusheshvarah: Lord of pradhaana and purusha
  21. naarasimha-vapuh: He whose form is man-lion
  22. shreemaan: He who is always with shree
  23. keshavah: He who has beautiful locks of hair
  24. purushottamah: The Supreme Controller
  25. sarvah: He who is everything
  26. sharvas: The auspicious
  27. shivah: He who is eternally pure
  28. stanch: The pillar, the immovable truth
  29. bhootaadih: The cause of the five great elements
  30. nidhir-avyayah: The imperishable treasure
  31. sambhavah: He who descends of His own free will
  32. bhaavanah: He who gives everything to his devotees
  33. bhartaa: He who governs the entire living world
  34. prabhavah: The womb of the five great elements
  35. prabhuh: The Almighty Lord
  36. eeshvarah: He who can do anything without any help
  37. svayambhooh: He who manifests from Himself
  38. shambhuh: He who brings auspiciousness
  39. aadityah: The son of Aditi (Vaamana)
  40. pushkaraakshah: He who has eyes like the lotus
  41. Mahaasvanah: He who has a thundering voice
  42. anaadi-nidhanah: He without origin or end
  43. dhaataa: He who supports all fields of experience
  44. vidhaataa: The dispenser of fruits of action
  45. dhaaturuttamah: The subtlest atom
  46. aprameyah: He who cannot be perceived
  47. hrisheekeshah: The Lord of the senses
  48. padmanaabhah: He from whose navel comes the lotus
  49. amaraprabhuh: The Lord of the deva
  50. vishvakarmaa: The creator of the universe
  51. manuh: He who has manifested as the Vedic mantras
  52. tvashtaa: He who makes huge things small
  53. sthavishtah: The supremely gross
  54. sthaviro dhruvah: The ancient, motionless one
  55. agraahyah: He who is not perceived sensually
  56. shaashvatah: He who always remains the same
  57. krishno: He whose complexion is dark
  58. lohitaakshah: Red-eyed
  59. pratardanah: The Supreme destruction
  60. prabhootas: Ever-full