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Kurma, the mighty Turtle
Vishnu turned into Kurma, a gigantic turtle and supported the cosmic churn on his back. His upper shell made up the vast of the heavens and held the sky, the lower shell formed the abyss and contained the sea and his feet rested upon the four cardinal directions. The God and the demons tried to whirl Mount Meru and Kurma, with his radiance gave them immense power and they could churn the ocean with ease and a new world emerged.

Varaha, the fierce Boar 
Bhoodevi (Mother Earth) smiled at the Gods and turned her back towards the demons. Hiranyaksha, Lord of the Dark World, dragged her into the infernal kingdom under the sea to make her his queen.

Vishnu took the avatar of Varaha, a gigantic boar, plunged into the sea, ripped through the water and rescued the earth-goddess from the clutch of the demon king. He then placed her on his mighty tusks, carried her back to the surface of the sea and he became the guardian of the earth.

Narasimha,the man-lion
The avatar of Vishnu as Narashima is one of the best avatar of Vishnu. Vishnu took the form of Narasimha (The man-lion) Hiranyakashyup decided to please Brahma and ask for a boon where he would not die on Earth or in space, nor in fire or water, not during the day or night, not inside or outside, and not by the hand of a human, God, animal or any other animate or inanimate species. Hiranyakashyup hated Vishnu but Prahlada, his son on the other hand was a devoted follower of Vishnu and the demon king could in no other way convince his son to follow his foot steps. He even tried to kill him but Prahlada was protected by Vishnu. Hiranyakashyup smashed a pillar and there emerged Vishnu in the form of Narasimha. Narasimha killed Hiranyakashyup, since he was neither human nor animal nor God, during twilight which was neither day nor night, placed him on Narasimha's thighs which was neither on earth, nor in space, on the threshold of the entrance to a courtyard which was neither inside nor out and he used his nails neither animate nor inanimate as a weapon. Thus, the great lord, Vishnu, killed the demon king who thought that he was immortal.

Vamana, The clever dwarf
Bali, the demon king was a good ruler and everyone loved him but his ego came in between and he thought that he was the lord of the three worlds. To destroy this ego of Bali, Vishnu approached him as Vamana, the dwarf and asked him to give three paces of land. Shukra, his guru was somewhat suspicious but Bali did not listen to him. Shukra in order to save Bali reduced himself, entered the water pot and blocked its snout. Vishnu however, made him leap out of the Kamandalu.

Bali poured the water and Vamana was liable to have as much land as he wanted. In a blink Vamana turned into a giant Urugaya, his legs stretched beyond the abyss and his head rose above the clouds. The next step he claimed the stars and the planets.

Since Vamana had the entire universe he asked where he was supposed to place his next step. Bali bowed his head and requested Vamana to place his third step on his head. The ego was crushed and he was transformed into a divine demon.

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