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Moon Sign in Capricorn : Saturn will transit through eighth house from Rashi

Key concept : Contained Support

Favorable : This is also a difficult and challenging transit of Saturn like the 7.5 years cycle. Focus on getting support and cooperation from all around you. Make sure that others are compelled to work with you in a manner that is similar and specific to what is beneficial to you.

Danger : Unexpected losses, danger of sudden accidents, injuries and ailments. Loss of reputation and may get entangled in something which may affect your honor and reputation.

Moon Sign in Aquarius : Saturn will transit through seventh house from Rashi

Key concept : Structured Partnerships

Favorable : Some ancient Karma’s might make you feel to make your relationship legal and formal. It is good time to make new commitments in both life and business partnerships. It is also good time to strengthen your commitment to your existing partnerships. Long distance travel and collaboration with foreign partners will be favorable now.

Danger : Your spouse’s health may suffer a setback. Unresolved issues in partnership whether in life or in business may crop up and can create a make or break situation.

Moon Sign in Pisces : Saturn will transit through sixth house from Rashi

Key concept : Focus on Service

Favorable : This is the time to set things straight. Usually this is a favorable transit of Saturn in our life. Take a stand on what you feel is right and should be rightfully yours. Take measures to improve yourself and your relationship with others. But do not compromise on what you feel is right. If you have to fight and defend yourself then you must do so. Finances and health will pick up and you may be victorious in a long standing legal dispute. If you want to take loan or to recover your loan, this is a good time to do so. You will come out ahead in the long run.

Danger : Even if you are right, remember not to loose your sense of mercy. If there is a chance of compromise, then you must do so magnanimously than to get involved in a battle because of your ego or your desire to take revenge. Beware of getting involved in petty disputes or acting petty in a dispute. You must not expose yourself to unnecessary or reckless risk.