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Moon Sign in Libra : Saturn will transit through eleventh house from Rashi

Key concept: Structured opportunities

Favorable : All planets are considered favorable as they transit through your 11th house. Saturn will be no exception unless it is totally unfavorable in your natal chart. Saturn the focusing planet, will bring stability to cash flow and income, and will bring more established relationships with friends and associates. Slow and steady will win the race.

Danger : Do not be a recluse and open out to your friends and associates. Do not be too proactive and impulsive. Be very careful on your cash flow and do not start overspending on expected future cash flow. Remember the way of Saturn is slow and steady and conservative.

Moon Sign in Scorpio : Saturn will transit through tenth house from Rashi

Key concept : Structured Career

Favorable : This is the time to focus on career development and your professional status. Get all your responsibilities into a routine and strict process implementation. Saturn can create a boost in your career either through organic consolidation in your existing career or through a change in your career.

Danger : Do not change for the sake of change or just because the compensations are more attractive. Evaluate all the opportunities and select that one which not only gives growth but also stability. You may stagnate by not taking on the opportunity or you may regret your decision for change at a later date.

Moon Sign in Sagittarius : Saturn will transit through ninth house from Rashi

Key concept : Focus on Knowledge

Favorable : Fortune and finances are likely to get more established during this transit. It is good time to gain knowledge. Take that long desired Sabbath from work and go back to university to acquire higher knowledge and higher qualification.

Danger : Restrictions with one’s father (any authority figure). One’s father may separate from family in one way or another, setbacks in higher education if Saturn is not favorable in natal chart, legal problems may crop up, problems can come up in hip area and some chronic lung condition can suddenly flare up.