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Moon Sign in Cancer : Saturn will transit through your second house from Rashi

Key Concepts : Focus on Finance

Favorable : You have just completed 5 years of  7.5 years cycle of Saturn, and you have entered the final and last 2.5 years phase. The last phase might have been most stressful as Saturn’s Karmic lessons might have been most severe. The good news is by grace of God and by the power of your faith and prayers; your finance could stabilize if you redirect your attention upon them and take a realistic view of the problem and its solution. Think about what you want to say before you speak. Have patience with respect to your family members. Give them some more time before they can be on the same wave length as you are.

Danger : Some Karmic lessons may yet to be learnt during this last phase also. Totally avoid thoughtless speech and idle speculation. Avoid the near occasions of sin in matters of life style, diet, dependencies and relationships.

Moon Sign in Leo : Saturn will transit through first house from Rashi

Key concept : Structured Self

Favorable : A focus on individual need is required. Use this time to implement a strict routine and schedule of your time and activities. Make sure that you fulfill your minimum duties and responsibilities .Redefine your work style and life style. Have clear and small goals and use a strategy of small victories.

Danger : This is the second phase of 7.5 years cycle of Saturn. Usually this is the most stressful period as Saturn will conjoin your natal Moon during this transit. Saturn will force you to confront the unresolved issues and unresolved Karma from past. You will have to resolve them over next 2and half years. You cannot avoid them or hide them under the carpet any more.

Moon Sign in Virgo : Saturn will transit through twelfth house from Rashi

Key concept : Stability of liberation

Favorable : Go someplace where you can be a monk for a while or at least be detached from the events happening around you. You need to introspect on the last 30 years of your life. Where did you go wrong and where did you go right. You are at a critical juncture in your life when you will be undergoing a complete transformation through the Karmic lessons that Saturn will impart. Some of them could be rewards and some of them could be punishments. Let the change come from a stable, solid and harmonious you instead of a disturbed, broken and egotist you.

Danger : During this first 2.5 years phase of the cycle, Saturn will bring lot of unresolved issues from your past. In order that you confront them seriously, Saturn may deliver some cruel Karmic punishments in your life. Like sudden set backs in different aspects of your life, your career, health, marriage, children and some totally unexpected events may occur to shake you.