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The great malefic Saturn is in transit in the sign Cancer. Matters do not look so good. The 4th house signifies home, nurturing of the near and dear ones in the horoscope and cancer signifies these aspects largely. Cancer is the sign of the beautiful Moon and it is an emotional sublime energy which while Saturn is the planet of detachment. It does not understand or appreciate attachments. The house lord is Moon and Saturn is not really in a harmonious understanding with what Moon stands for. Moon is our planet of happiness, when Saturn is feared as the planet of sorrow. Moon is creation with all the humanly attributes of beauty, life, joy the soothing light o life. In this situation Moon is sure to suffer.

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn has a natural enmity to the Planet Moon. During the period when Saturn is in transit and moves over the House occupied by Moon, it is termed as Sade Sati.

This seemingly negative impact of Saturn, on the Moon in the Birth Chart, starts to take effect when Saturn in transit enters the House before the House of the natal Moon and continues its effect till it remains in the House after the House of the natal Moon.

The Beauty of life lies in the impermanency and the ever changing process. This is not in the spirit of Saturn. It is known as the planet of delay, its modus operandi is not one of change as it is of balance. Saturn does not believe in ego and superfluous patterns of living, quick movements to initiate a change. Its theory is based on proper and complete experience of a situation in order that a perfect balance is achieved. On the positive it indicates, Saturn blessed wealth has more permanency; on the negative Saturn inflicted sorrow or suffering remains for a long time till the person understands what sorrow is all about.