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In Which House, Saturn is Located

Saturn in 6th house : This is an excellent position for Saturn. She will have tremendous ability to defeat her enemies and rise above her competitors. She will be able to overcome all obstacles in her daily duties and responsibilities. If other conditions in the chart are favorable then Saturn can take her to a great height and success in her career. Exception to the rule will apply.

Saturn in 7th house : Saturn in this house of marriage and partnership is both a friend as well as a foe. On one hand it robs off love and romance in marital life and in any partnership but on the other hand it provides long term stability and durability in the partnership. No matter what are the problems in partnership, Saturn will oppose tooth and nail in the dissolution of partnership. Saturn may make a person suffer in marital life but will not allow divorce or separation in marriage. Exception to the rule as per sign applies.

Saturn in 8th house
: Saturn is a great friend here as far as longevity is concerned. People with Saturn in 8th house will invariably have long life, but it’s effect in all aspects of life will be worse, whether it is health, wealth or marital life or career. If the sign is Aries the result will be worst. If the sign is Libra then the position is excellent for gain in lottery and for any kind of unexpected financial gain like inheritance, insurance etc.

Saturn in 9th house : Saturn is usually a foe in 9th house, the person’s luck is spoiled. Finding solutions to problems will always be difficult for the person. He has to always struggle for any benefits and comforts in life. He will have problems with his father.

Exception to this rule will be for Taurus Ascendant. This will be first class Raj Yoga for his career and profession. Saturn will bring all the opportunities for success in his career.

Saturn in 10th house : This is an excellent position for Saturn. The person will possess great ambition, leadership ability and power. Many of successful political leaders have this placement in their natal chart. The person will be highly career oriented and will have great organizational capacity. His work will benefit the greatest number of people.

For people with Taurus Ascendant, the benefit will be maximum. But if the Ascendant is Cancer, then 10th house will be Aries, and for them Saturn in Aries will bring drastic ups and downs in their profession and wealth.

Saturn in 11th house : All planets in 11th house is a friend for the person. Saturn is no exception. He will be long loved, mature, wise and powerful. He will also derive benefits from wealthy and powerful friends throughout his life. He will have far reaching goals and ambitions, and he will have luck and fortitude to realize his desires. Exception to the rule is Aries if it happens to be 11th house that is for person with Gemini Ascendant.

Saturn in 12th house : Saturn is definitely an enemy for most people if it is placed in 12th house. Her longevity is curtailed as is her leadership capabilities. She will be besieged with expenses and just cannot save or hold on to any wealth that she earns or inherits. She enjoys little sexual pleasure in her life. It is unfavorable for a steady career or earning of steady income in her life. If 12th house is Aries in natal chart, then the results will be worst.

Satrajit Majumdar