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Numerological Explanation:

Based on numbers/numerology also-
INDIA = 9+5+4+9+1 = 28
1+0= 1 It is number 1. The planet SUN.
Our country got independence on 15th August 1947 (taking western date system)
Day 1+5= 6; Month 8; Year 1+9+4+7=21

  • 6+8+21

  • 6+8+2+1= 17

  • 1+7=8 = planet SATURN. So the destiny of India is ruled by planet SATURN.

Also the year 2008 is ruled by number 1(ONE) as 2008= 2+0+0+8 = 10; 1+0=1signifies SUN.

Now the year number SUN acts against the destiny of our country which is ruled by SATURN (SUN and SATURN generally work against each other)- which causes obstacles, separations. This is what we are observing currently.

Also the name INDIA is ONE= SUN, so two sun numbers(INDIA= ONE=SUN and 2008=ONE=SUN) coming together in year 2008 – which means we will face a lot of trouble and problems can only be solved by initiative and will power. Also SUN = EGO, so you will see lot of ego problems faced by left parties in the year 2008. This is all getting confirmed by the events around.

So this year, as we discussed is a year of vibration of planet SUN, which work against the vibration of our destiny of INDIA = SATRUN and hence we see obstacles etc.

Next year 2009= 2+0+0+9= 11=2 = MOON, which again is inimical/against the INDIA’S destiny equal to planet SUN. Hence, we would see troubles for most of the part of the year 2009 as well. Which confirms with what we predicted based on astrology.

So both ways based on astrology and numerology we can predict the pattern of future vents.

What kind of influence does India, Left Parties and Congress exert astrologically on each other?

Astrological & numerological-combined- Explanation:

Now you might be wondering what kind of influence does the LEFT PARTIES have on our COUNTRY and CONGRESS. Also note that there are a lot of parties in LEFT PARTIES starting with letter C(Hindi “sa”)- CPI(M) same as congress.

Left parties starts with syllable “La” – ruled by MESHA RASHI /ARIES, which is ruled by planet of energy MARS.

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