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You will observe that sign type follow the sequence of 3 sign types over 3 signs and then the sequence is repeated. Similarly sign elements follow the sequence of 4 sign elements and then get repeated.

What does these sign type and sign elements signify. We see each sign relates to one of the three “Types”.

The equivalent of Cardinal type in Sanskrit is called “Chara” means Active.

The equivalent of Fixed type in Sanskrit is called “Sthira” means Firm or immovable.

The equivalent of Mutable type in Sanskrit is called “Dwiswabhava” means Dual or it contains characteristic of both Cardinal and Fixed.

These parameters relate to the matter whereby the individual directs his/her energy and is the main determinant of his/her personality depending on which are the dominating sign types in his/her chart.

Similarly each sign relates to one of the 4 elements of fire, earth, air and water.

The sign types show the field in which the planets operate when they are located in a particular sign. Their elements indicate the different levels and the different intensities in which the planets operate if they are located in a particular element in the chart.

Fire Sign: Strong planets in fire sign show strong will, ambition, determination and discrimination. People with fiery planets dominating in the chart often seek power and a display of force and drama. Their focus is more on self and character than upon interchange with others.

Earth Sign: Strong planets in earth signs show a strong sense of form, order, utility and practicality. They must seek material manifestation of their thought and action.

Air sign: Strong planets in air sign show versatility of movement and change primarily on the mental level and in their thought process. As a result strong planets in Air sign are often intellectual or the mental types.

Water Sign: Strong planets in water sign bring our planetary energies into the realm of feelings and emotions, and they are very keen to share love, affection and attachment with others.

You have observed that I have used the operative word of “Strong” Planet in a sign. This brings us to the main question in this article which are the good and strong signs for a planet in our chart and which are not. Before we deal with this question, we shall also discuss the type and elements of each planet. Once we know that the answer to our question will become self-evident.