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Most Vedic astrologers attribute lordship of Scorpio to Ketu. Like Rahu some Vedic astrologers also attribute lordship of Pisces to Ketu. Western astrologers do not attribute any lordship to Ketu. Why a particular planet is lord of a particular zodiac sign has to do with the similarity of nature and attributes between the particular sign and the specific planet. This nature and attribute of each zodiac sign and planet is very complex and is the crux of mastering astrology.

We shall not go into those details here, but we shall see the broad characteristics by which the attributes and nature of each Zodiac sign and planet is.

The two parameters by which each sign is characterized are Sign Type and Sign Elements.

There are three sign types. They are:

There are three sign types. They are:

  • Cardinal Sign type

  • Fixed Sign Type

  • Mutable Sign Type

There are four sign elements. They are:

  • Fire

  • Earth

  • Air

  • Water

Each of the 12 zodiac signs belong to one sign element and one sign type as given in the table below:

Aries: Cardinal and Fire
Taurus: Fixed and Earth
Gemini: Mutable and Air
Cancer: Cardinal and Water
Leo: Fixed and Fire
Virgo: Mutable and Earth
Libra: Cardinal and Air
Scorpio: Fixed and Water
Sagittarius: Mutable and Fire
Capricorn: Cardinal and Earth
Aquarius: Fixed and Air
Pisces: Mutable and Water