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It is time for introspection in your life for the year that has gone by and to make fresh resolutions in your life to cope with the New Year 2008.

I from my side looked at the midnight chart of 31st December 2007 and introspected on all your behalf to formulate The New Year Resolutions for each of the Zodiac signs for the year 2008. Of course, it is you who will make your individual resolutions. This set of resolutions and prayers that I am giving below will probably help you to formulate your own. Read yours, and share the others with your friends and your other family members.

Aries: I need to focus on my goal this year. I need to prioritize, and then pursue my goal with single-minded determination. My intent and my faith in success will not waver.

Taurus: I need to be calm and keep my balance, whether there is unexpected gain or unexpected losses. Pleasure or Pain is all part of the game. The fun is in doing one’s duties.

Gemini: My strength is power of thinking and my power of analysis. I will not allow irrational fear or irrational hope to divert me from my chosen path.

Cancer: I feel secure and I feel content. It is time for me to take up new goal. There are new heights to reach. I will not hesitate to choose the less traveled road.

Leo: I shall welcome opposition and I shall welcome obstacles. In every obstacle, I will discover new opportunities for growth and for success.

Virgo: Business as usual is not going to be my motto this year .I must think out of the box. My success this year will come from acting laterally.

Libra: I shall dare to dream this year. I will neither lack in courage nor in efforts to pursue my dream, whole-heartedly.

Scorpio: I have faith and I have courage to accept with all humility and positive spirit, whatever my Karma has kept in store for me this year.

Sagittarius: Result, Result, Result. This year is going to be the year for me to reap whatever I had sowed in the past. The bottom line that is what will matter for me.

Capricorn: This year is when by God’s grace, I shall discover the higher calling in my life. Let me pray that my eyes and ears will be open and I shall remain so as not to miss the signs that God will show me.

Aquarius: I must not loose my faith and my patience in either success or failure, in either pain or joy. Let “Your Will” get manifest through my life. Only then shall I experience fulfillment in my life.

Pisces: This is the year to express my heartfelt thanks and fulfillment with all my being for “Your infinite” mercy and benevolence.

- By Satrajit Majumdar