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In fact for accurate predictions an astrologer must confirm that his conclusions are consistent with both the natal chart as well as the transit chart and the status of planets in the transit chart in relation to the natal chart.

An obvious question, the transit chart at any given moment will be the same for every chart that we analyze, because at any given moment the astronomical positions of all planets are same in the heaven. If a planet is in retrograde motion, it is the same for everybody. However the transit of Saturn through Cancer for me and its impact for you will be different based on the status of Cancer and Saturn in our respective natal chart.

To quantify this difference in impact, Vedic astrology derives one more permanent chart from our natal chart. This is called “Ashtakbarga Chart” which is the 8th chart in the initial list that I had mentioned in the beginning. This is one of the most sophisticated and elegant report in Vedic astrology, which is computed from the natal horoscope chart.

This report gives for each of the 7 planets in the chart (excluding Rahu and Ketu) in the form of an individual matrix for each planet which is called Bhinnashtakbarga for each planet, what will be the status in terms of its auspicious quality and inauspicious quality and what will be its precise beneficial strength as it transits through each sign in our natal chart for every 3 degrees 45 minutes of its movement through a particular sign or a particular house in our natal chart.

This is like a permanent and unique DNA signature for each of these planets for our life based on our natal chart. This report also combines these 7 individual matrices for each planet and gives a report called “Sarvastakbarga”, where we can actually compare quantitatively the status of individual signs or houses in our chart. This becomes a very convenient tool for forecasting for an astrologer to make a precise judgment for different aspects of life as reflected by each house in our natal chart. Again this becomes a permanent signature of life, which does not change.

I have now described more or less all the charts that a Vedic Astrologer uses to prepare the horoscope forecasts for you. I hope at least after reading this article, the next time you look at all the horoscope or Janma Kundalini charts, they will make some sense to you and will not appear as pure mumbo jumbo for you.

There are other charts also which I have not covered in this article, but these are the main charts that a competent and sincere Vedic astrologer must consult before he/she can make a reliable horoscope forecast for your past and future.

I shall be too happy to answer your questions, which you may have after reading this article.

I also welcome your suggestions about any topic or issues in astrology that you would like me to cover in my forthcoming articles. May God grant you peace, prosperity and happiness in every aspect of your life!

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