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The Relation Reports:

These reports basically indicate whether a particular planet is in a friendly sign or unfriendly sign in the chart.

Based on their individual position in the chart, it indicates whether a particular planet is a great friend or just friend or neutral to another planet or it is enemy or great enemy to another planet in the chart.

Planet Strength Reports:

The 4th , 5th and 6th reports are basically reports which calculate the strength and status of each planet in the natal chart and divisional charts of each planet, to ascertain how powerful and how much beneficial or inauspicious, each planet will behave for different aspects in a person's life.

These reports are again derived from natal chart and divisional charts based on complex mathematical procedure and logic.

The Dasha Report:

This is a unique report in Jyotish and Western astrology has no equivalent of this. Dasha reports are analyzed by astrologers to predict when the planets will deliver their natal signatures in a person's life.

There are different “Dasha reports” in Vedic astrology.

However the most widely used and most useful among them is the “Vimsottari Dasha System”.

The basic principles of this Dasha system are as follows:

This system assumes that the theoretical longevity of each person is 120 years. These 120 years are then unequally divided into periods of 9 different planets. (including Rahu and Ketu or the two lunar nodes).

The system follows a fixed sequence of planet periods, which is applicable to every chart.

This fixed sequence is as follows:

Sun: 6years
Moon: 10years
Mars: 7 years
Rahu: 18 years
Jupiter: 16 years
Saturn: 19 years
Mercury: 17 years
Ketu: 7 years
Venus: 20 years
Total: 120 years.