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According to Hindu Mythology,Goddess Laxmi signifies beauty, wealth and good fortune. she is known by many names. In order to please Goddess Lakshmi Lakshmi Pooja is performed to get immediate relief from financial problems. Chanting her names is considered as auspicious . Here are 108 names of Goddess Laxmi.

Prakruti Nature
Vikruti Multifaceted Nature
Vidya Wisdom
Sarvabhootahitaprada One Who Grants Universal Pleasures
Shraddha One Who Is Worshiped
Vibhuti Goddess Of Wealth
Surabhi The Celestial Goddess
Paramatmika The Omnipresent Goddess
Vachi One Who Has Nectar Like Speech
Padmalaya One Who Resides On The Lotus
Padma Lotus
Shuchi Goddess Of Purity
Swaha Auspicious
Swadha One Who Dispels auspiciousness
Sudha Goddess Of Nectar
Dhanya Personification Of Gratitude
Hiranmayi One Who Has Golden Appearance
Lakshmi Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity
Nityapushta One Who Gains Strength Day After Day
Vibha One Who Is Radiant Faced
Aditi One Who Has Radiance Like The Sun
Deetya One Who Answers Prayers
Deepta Flame Like
Vasudha Goddess Of Earth
Vasudharini Protector Of Earth
Kamala Lotus
Kantha Consort Of Lord Vishnu
Kamakshi Attractive Eyed Goddess
Kamalasambhava One Who Emerges From The Lotus
Anugrahaprada One Who Grants Good Wishes
Buddhi Goddess Of Wisdom
Anagha Sinless Or Pure Goddess
Harivallabhi Consort Of Lord Vishnu
Ashoka One Who Dispels Sorrows
Amrutha Goddess Of Nectar
Deepa Radiant Faced
Lokashokavinashini One Who Removes Worldly Troubles

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