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The Wheel Of Dharma Rolls.
After thirteen years they returned from the exile and claimed for their Kingdom but the Kauravas were not willing to part from it. To avoid bloodshed Krishna suggested the Kauravas to give them at least five Villages but Duryodhana was not willing to give them anything. The lord was angry and was ready to wage a war to safeguard Dharma.

The Pandavas chose Krishna rather than the huge army and Krishna in turn became the charioteer (sarathy) of Arjuna.Before the war began Arjuna was not in the situation to fight against his own people. There were people he disliked, the Kauravas but there were also elders whom he respected and loved.

Krishna Revels His True Self.
It was time for Krishna to revel his divinity. He made Arjuna realize that what he was doing was not for him. It was for the benefit of the people and the protection of Dharma. Krishna showed his cosmic form (Vishvarupa) to Arjuna and he was convinced. He took up his bow and arrow and started to fight against evil. The words said by Krishna have been written in the holy book, Bhagavad Gita.The Pandavas after much blood shed won the battle and Draupadi as vowed washed her hair with the blood of the Kauravas and tied it.

Door of Doom Opens.
Gandhari, mother of the Kauravas cursed Krishna and said that he will also see the degeneration of his clan and die like a common beast at the hands of a hunter. Years later he did see the fall of his dynasty and was killed by a hunter who mistook his foot for the ear of a deer and shot a poisonous arrow. Krishna left for Vaikuntha and promised that who follows the wheel of dharma would find a place in his Vaikunth (paradise). This was the dawn of Kali-yuga.

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