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In view of the skew in our age groups in the table which shows that most Internet savvy people are between the age group of 20-30 years, our first cautionary conclusion is that among Internet savvy people, there are more Virgos, Librans and Scorpions in the world and less Aquarians than the average numbers which belong to the rest of the zodiac signs. An interesting conclusion in the Age of Aquarius!

What is the astrological significance of this conclusion? Librans, Virgos and Scorpions are more materialistic than Aquarians, who are more spiritually oriented. Isn't that the profile of the Internet savvy people of today? Or is it going to change in the new millennium?

However, as Ravi Sangal puts it, this is a preliminary conclusion only; further calculations are needed to determine the sample size error etc. to arrive at the final conclusion. This will remain the subject for some other time.

Before I end, I will get back to our original question "Is Astrology a Science".

My conclusion is "Yes, Astrology can be considered a Science", provided we astrologers follow scientific methodology and acquire scientific spirit. Only then will astrology be relevant for the new millennium. We have already discussed scientific methodology.

So what is scientific spirit? Scientific spirit is objectivity and our willingness to discard yesterday's belief and hypothesis at a moment's notice, no matter how ancient or how sacred is that belief - if our data and empirical tests do not validate those hypotheses any more.

Astrology can become a respectable science only then.