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Next step, we should investigate the claims briefly:

2 1 2 1 = 6

29931 = 24 = 2+ 4 = 6

The vibration 6 makes it easier to get into hearts of the people. Yes, there could be other factors for success- which we will consider in other articles to follow.

Some of the Popular TV Channels:

Star Plus
1219 7331 = 13+ 14 = 4+5 = 9

Zee TV
855 24 = 18+ 6 =6

NDTV = 15= 1+5 =6

4 6 6 9 4 1 91 8 1 5 = 54 =9 (though DOORDRASHAN may not be very popular now- due to other reasons, but one may see it had a huge appeal to the masses at one time).

Again we have to see, having 6 vibrations is a boon here as it helps to penetrate the hearts of people more easily. Yes, there could be other factors beside numerology like hard work which have to be considered separately.

So you see that even a slight change in your name if done correctly could help you to tune to more helpful vibrations. This is achieved by the numerologist by building more harmony within yourself and your destiny (Luck). The harmony achieved helps you conquer your destiny better. We have to remember we have a similar approach of harmony, are it YOGA or AYURVEDA or be it ENVIRONMENTAL IMBALANCE-THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT- so NUMEROLOGY cannot be different.

I hope by now you must have started seeing the potency a name change could have. As your name is like a MANTRA (sacred incantation) in itself. A right kind of MANTRA you know would yield better results.

So wishing you all the best with your name!