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After the meal, we discovered a full moon resplendent in the heavens above us. Tempted by the witchery of its poetic light, we decided to walk back homewards.

The conversation had been somewhat light and frivolous for most of the evening, but as we walked through the quiet streets, our conversation drifted into philosophical depths.

When we neared his abode, he suddenly turned and proffered a hand in farewell. With my hand in his grip, he addressed me in grave tone and said slowly. ‘I wish you might never have entered into his engineering profession. You are really a philosopher caught up in ‘the ink-slinging business of writing’.

That was our last meeting. I still do not know whether he could have been my dream personality, as I realized. I have already been molded in his shape.

Since then, I walked in my life greatly puzzled for having made a blunder in my life for choosing a wrong profession, which through has given me enough satisfaction, if no joy of happiness.

I started sinking deeper and deeper into a maze of activities from which escape seemed increasingly difficult.

Now, I question myself, am I not doomed by destiny to remain imprisoned in this maze of private bonds and personal ambitions?

However, I know, each one of us in walk of life is never satisfied with what one possessed and desired something more and something different than what destiny and unknown God has portioned in life.

I realized fate issue its orders to everybody, everyday. Though we are not literate enough to be able to read them, all of us unconsciously move about to obey and that is the course of journey in every life, -‘doomed by destiny and moved by fate’.

I no longer remained perturbed for having made a wrong choice on life. It matters least whether I am in a profusion of engineering of ‘ink-slinging business of writing’.

The vision disappeared as mysteriously as it had come. It left me feeling exalted, happy and unperturbed by its supernormal nature.

Shall I dismiss it as a dream?