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While destiny is a timeless journey of life, time and circumstances, decide the course of journey in life. Ambition and desire lure a man into life of responsibilities from which it is not easy to extricate one self out. One can do little more than resign in life, which hems him in, and watch and wait. However, I never lost my faith in the prophecy. I ardently believed, one day it would be strengthened by an unexpected confirmation and I will surely meet my dream personality, which the prophecy proclaimed in somewhat uncertain terms at the time of my birth.

Professional work threw me for several months into frequent contact with a person, for whom I always entertain a high respect and friendly regard. I really do not know whether he is my dream personality.

He was, exceedingly astute and knows human nature through and through. Many years earlier, he held the post of professor of psychology at one of the universities, but an academic life was not to his taste. He deserted it for pastures where he could put his amazing range of knowledge to more practical use. For a period, he also acted as advisor to magnates of the business world drawing large retainer fees from such large corporates.

He was born with remarkable gift of inspiring others to their best endeavor. Every person who came in contact with him, from office boy to business magnate, found practical help and new enthusiasm from the contact. Sometimes, they received golden advice.

I made it a practice to take careful note of any counsel he gave me. His foresight and insight usually received startling verification in both business and personal matter.

I enjoyed his speech, I suppose, because he had succeeded in fusing the elements of introspection and extrospection in his own nature, with the result he could talk profound philosophy one minute and deal with a hardcore commercial complex problem next.

Withal he was never dull, always witty and radiating good humor.

He took me into his circle of intimate friendship. Sometimes, we had spent several hours at a time in mingled social work and cryptic debate about the need of such social work in God’s Kingdom.

I was never tired of listening to his talk, for its latitude of subjects enthralled me. I often wonder how one small head could carry all he knew.

One night, which was my last encounter with him, we went out to dine together in a little Bohemian restaurant, where pleasantly shaded lights and nice cooked, food created a strong aroma of its own.