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I was extremely depressed to bear out an event in my life, which all of us face one day or the other. Life, to me lost all its meanings. The four letter words like life, life, give, take, when, what, fate, hope, love, work, zeal, pray, etc. which constitute and encompass action world of ours, lost all its significance. One ‘year passed by and I decide to make an attempt to understand at least, what does the word’ year’ mean. I must attempt to realise the true value of this ‘mathematical time’ invented for our self-seeking goal of effective utilization of working time. I, of course, knew about my incapacity to fathom ‘inward time’ (Psychological, physiological, interactive time, the 5th, 6th, 7th dimension of universe), where, I would be required to meditate on ‘Brahman- the light of all lights’, Mathematical time is the inexplicable raw material of everything. With it, all is possible; without in nothing. The supply is truly a daily miracle. You wake up and your ‘purse’ is magically filled with this unmanufactured tissue of the universe. It is your s only. No one can take it from you. It is un stealable. No one can receive more or less. In this realm, there is not aristocracy of wealth, no aristocracy of intelligence. Genius is never rewarded with one extra hour. There is no punishment even if you waste. It’s daily supply will not be withheld. One cannot draw from the future, nor one can be in ‘debt’. Lastly, out of this daily quota, you have to spin ‘health-pleasure-money-content-respect and evolution of immortal Soul’; it is the most thrilling actuality of life.

These four letter words from hell to ruin, disturbed me much that I wished I was ‘dead’ from this world of action. Suddenly, I realised that the ‘fire’ of these’ four’ letter words must be capsuled in five lettered words, from birth to death’ amidst ‘earth-water-sound-light’ with ‘faith’ to ‘enjoy’ the ‘fruits’ of ‘work’ in this ‘world’, to be in ‘realm’ of ‘bliss’ and further to be ‘happy’. ‘Happiness’-the elusive’ prize’, we all are clutching for, perhaps does not depend so much on successful use of material time but on the vision of the inward time. I, therefore, earnestly switched on to this path.

Life is like riding a bicycle. You do not ‘fall’ ‘off’ unless you ‘stop’ pedalling. Hence, you go on and on with work, do what you can, with what you have. No laziness, no idleness, no procrastination. In life, what is important is not the years in one’s life, but the ‘life ‘ in one’s years. Hence, snatch-seize-enjoy every moment of it.

Again, the issue revolves round this one year of my life. Year is a time measure of earth’s revolution round the elliptical path round the sun. To be enlightened, one needs to contemplate on the motion and fathom on the mystery of light. Light is known to be a form of energy that is composed of either electro magnetic waves or particles (Photons). In empty space, light travels with a uniform speed of 186,282 miles per second. Einstein made his content E=mc linking energy, mass and speed of light. Year is the ‘time unit’ that earth takes to traverse this orbital path round the sun, once, concept of which is created by mankind’. One can imagine the time that light would take to travel the equivalent distance it would be infinitesimal small fraction of the year. The sun gives us natural sight and a tiny candle gives also the same, as artificial light. Thus, a candle can dispel all the pervading darkness.